4 Steps for Choosing the Right Birthday Balloons for Your Kid’s Party


Whether getting ready to celebrate a toddler or teen’s birthday, you want to create an occasion to remember. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by decorating with birthday balloons. What makes this so exciting is that today, you have incredible options for balloons of different colors, sizes, designs, and shapes, all at affordable prices. For help with choosing the right party balloons for your kid’s birthday, consider the four steps outlined below:

1. Child’s Age – The age of your child is one factor to consider when choosing happy birthday balloons. For a younger child, you could go with Disney character or other character balloons, such as horses, dogs, clowns, popsicles, frogs, dragons, and so on. However, if your child is entering the teen years, then you need something more age-appropriate. In that case, you might consider large Mylar balloons with various bright colors and designs.

2. Child’s Gender – Although you can choose whatever happy birthday balloons you want or what the child prefers regardless of gender, if you want to stick with something more gender-focused, you have incredible choices. For a girl, you could go with princess, mermaid, or Disney character balloons like Pocahontas, Frozen, and so on. For a boy, dinosaurs, insects, and superhero balloons are ideal.

3. Type of Decorations – With balloons, just about anything is possible. Depending on the decorations preferred, you can select a few solid-colored latex balloons in varying sizes, or go with large Mylar balloons with smaller coordinating balloons added to create a beautiful bouquet. Either way, your child will love the decorations and enjoy playing with the balloons with his or her friends during and after the party. You also have the opportunity to enhance the balloons with different accessories, including colored ribbon, color-wrapped cellophane weights, and tiny lights.

4. Budget – Fortunately, when buying balloons from the right supplier, you will save a tremendous amount of money. In fact, the best suppliers offer wholesale prices. Because of that, you have more options about how much you purchase. Even though you will pay less, it is important to set a budget.

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