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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  1. Birthday Balloons: Foremost Necessity for Your Party Decorations

    Birthday Balloons: Foremost Necessity for Your Party Decorations

    For decades, balloons have been a big part of birthday celebrations. Today, you can purchase balloons in a variety of colors, unique shapes, and beautiful designs. Whether you are hosting a birthday for a child or adult, no party would be complete without birthday balloons.

    For a child’s party, you have many exciting choices. Many decorating options are open to you, from having just a few balloons accenting the party, to going all out with a huge vibrant bouquet. Balloon bouquets for kids, especially when wrapped with matching or complementary balloon ribbon, would make any party more memorable. With such a huge selection, you can purchase balloons in the same theme of the party, letter balloons to spell out a name or special message, colored balloons that highlight the primary c

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  2. Benefits of Purchasing Online Balloons

    Benefits of Purchasing Online Balloons

    Although many people buy balloons from a local grocery, floral, or discount retail store, a large number of them leave unsatisfied with their purchases. Instead of wasting your time with traditional stores, consider purchasing online balloons. By finding reputable wholesale balloons distributors you will end up saving more money than taking the traditional route. You may even find companies that have a balloon delivery service, which is often less expensive than what you would pay locally.

    Online companies are able to offer high quality balloons at low cost, while providing an inexpensive balloon delivery service by working with different local couriers that ensure an affordable price for all parties involved. When you are overloaded with the other responsibilities involved in putting a special event together, you have little time to waste. Ordering with

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  3. Now Wish Their Success with a Bouquet of Congratulations Balloons

    Now Wish Their Success with a Bouquet of Congratulations Balloons

    The great thing about congratulations balloons is that they are perfect for multiple occasions. Available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, you have a way to let people know that you are happy for their success. Whether the individual is a close family member, friend, neighbor, colleague, or client, this is an excellent way to show your support.

    The following examples will give you a better idea of the possibilities.

     If someone was promoted to VP, CIO, CTO, CEO, or some other executive position, congrats letter balloons are ideal. Choose balloons in the shape of the letters that represent that person’s new title.

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  4. Baby Shower Balloons: You Need One for a Special Occasion

    Baby Shower Balloons: You Need One for a Special Occasion

    Why host an ordinary baby shower when you can do something extraordinary for the mom-to-be? In addition to more traditional decorations, baby shower balloons are a great way to make the event even more special. Balloons are quite different from those sold in the past. Today, you have a broad range of choices, including the type, color, shape, and design, perfect for a boy or a girl.

    If the mother-to-be knows the name of her unborn child or if the shower is for a mother who has already given birth, baby balloons in the shape of letters are ideal. For this, you could choose just one letter balloon to signify the baby’s first name or go with a bouquet of three to represent all three initials. You could even have the baby’s full name spelled out by purchasing multiple letter balloons.

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  5. What Balloon Accessories are Most Used Worldwide?

    What Balloon Accessories are Most Used Worldwide?

    If you are going to purchase balloons, whether just one or an entire bouquet, balloon accessories are the perfect way to dress them up and make them more convenient. The fact is that certain accessories tend to be more popular than others. Following are some of the accessories that people around the world use.

    Top Accessories for Balloons

    • Ribbons – Used to tie a single balloon or multiple balloons, ribbon is among the most common balloon supplies and accessories that people choose. Curling ribbon is available in almost every color imaginable. You can choose from varying shades of blue, pink, purple, green, red, orange, yellow, and gray, as well as plain black and white. For something extra special, curling ribbon colors c
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  6. Point to Keep in Mind While Disposing of Foil Balloons

    Point to Keep in Mind While Disposing of Foil Balloons

    Foil balloons, which are the same thing as Mylar balloons, are one of the most popular choices. These balloons come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, characters, and more. For instance, you can purchase foil balloons as letters to correspond with a child’s birthday. In other words, if you have a son or daughter who is turning three, you can go with a balloon in the shape of the number three.

    These balloons are made from nylon that have a metallic coating. When sold without any color, graphics, or lettering, they have a shiny silver coating, but usually, they have unique designs. As a non-porous material, when filled with helium, they can easily last several days, if not weeks, indoors.
    How t
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  7. The Difference Between Helium and Air Filled Balloons

    The Difference Between Helium and Air Filled Balloons

    Even though most people know there is a difference between helium and air filled balloons, when asked what those differences mean, few companies explain. If you are interested in purchasing helium or air filled balloons for decorations and want to make sure that you get the right kind, the information provided will help.

    The simple answer is that one type of balloon is filled with helium and the other air. However, as you can see from the information listed below, there are many additional differences.

    • Lasting Time – Latex balloons filled with helium and that have the Hi-Float product used inside will usually last a
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