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Monthly Archives: October 2017

  1. 5 Things to Know Before Buying from Wholesale Balloons Suppliers

    5 Things to Know Before Buying from Wholesale Balloons Suppliers

    Before you buy from any wholesale balloons suppliers, there are a few essential things to know. With a little bit of knowledge, you will not only have a much broader selection of quality balloons but also save money. With the information provided, you can get what you want while staying within budget.

    1. Product Availability – You need to know if the supplier has the type of balloons that you want. Unfortunately, some companies have limited options. Especially if you have your heart set on a particular character, shape, color, size, or even a bouquet consisting of matching or coordinating balloons, you need to make sure that the supplier can accommodate your needs. Otherwise, you would have to settle.
    2. Quantity Options – You also need to verify the num
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  2. Top 5 Designs for Halloween Balloons for a Scary Evening

    Top 5 Designs for Halloween Balloons for a Scary Evening

    If you love getting into the Halloween spirit, you can incorporate balloons into your theme. Whether hosting a party or decorating the exterior of your home, Halloween balloons are perfect for creating a scary evening. 

    For a dramatic effect, use Halloween balloons for decorations. For instance, not only will Halloween helium balloons rise above the ground, but they will also stay inflated for days. That means that you can decorate the outside of your home for trick-or-treaters but then bring the balloons indoors when having friends over for a night of horror movies, Halloween-inspired food and drinks, and spooky storytelling.

    Following are five scare-worthy design ideas using Halloween balloons for decorations:

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  3. 5 Interesting Ways to Use Number Shape Balloons

    5 Interesting Ways to Use Number Shape Balloons

    More than ever, foil number balloons are all the rage. Considering the versatility that number shape balloons provide, they are the perfect way to enhance any event. Whether having a child’s birthday party, an event to celebrate your grandparent’s anniversary, or perhaps to celebrate the retirement of one of your coworkers, there are endless possibilities. In fact, you can even order custom number balloons, giving you even more ways to celebrate.

    To give you a better idea as to how you can incorporate foil number balloons in your upcoming event, consider the following scenarios:
    1. Roman Numerals – Instead of using traditional balloons to decorate a venue for a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, consi
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  4. 5 Ways to Decorate Your Birthday Party with Glittering Mylar Balloons

    5 Ways to Decorate Your Birthday Party with Glittering Mylar Balloons

    Although there is nothing wrong with latex balloons, many people prefer Mylar balloons for special occasions. You can find these in a vast range of sizes, colors, designs, and shapes – some even have beautiful glittering effects. Whether planning a casual or formal event, both standard and customized Mylar balloons make perfect decorations. Following are just five examples of how you can amp up the aesthetics of your next party or special occasion:

    Celebrating a Performance – If you have a child, friend, or family member starring in a play or musical, instead of gifting that individual with celebratory flowers for an amazing performance, you should consider balloons. As a perfect example, you can purchase several six-point star holographic fireworks balloons made of Mylar. The glittering effect is gorgeous and the overall design unique.
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  5. Quick Easy Steps to Order Balloons Online

    Quick Easy Steps to Order Balloons Online

    Many people worry that if they order balloons online, they will not only sacrifice quality but also pay more. In reality, as long as you choose a reputable online company, the condition of the balloons is excellent and the prices are low. In fact, you will spend less for the same, if not better quality balloons by purchasing them online.

    Another concern that some people have is that their order will not arrive on time. Again, when you work with a well-respected online business, they have a guarantee for balloons’ online delivery. That means that you will receive your order in plenty of time for your scheduled event, whether you order latex balloons online or order Mylar and non-latex.

    As you are about to discover, the process o
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  6. 5 Creative Ways to Use Air-Filled Balloons

    5 Creative Ways to Use Air-Filled Balloons

    When choosing balloons for a special event, most people focus on Mylar, but standard air-filled balloons are just as fun and exciting. Although these balloons do not stay inflated as long, nor do they come in as broad a selection of designs, they are still a worthwhile choice. To get a better idea of how you can use balloons at your next event, consider these examples:

    Beachside or Poolside Wedding – For a beach or backyard pool-side wedding ceremony, you can use air-filled balloons to create an archway under which the couple stands while exchanging vows. Whether you go with round or twisting balloons, when done correctly, the arch will enhance any wedding ceremony.

    Pregnancy Announcement – If you just found out that you are expecting, and you and your partner want to announce the exciting news in a non-traditional way

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  7. Which Air-Filled Balloons Are Right for Your Party?

    Which Air-Filled Balloons Are Right for Your Party?

    For any party regardless of the reason or theme, balloon decorations automatically make everything more fun and exciting. However, you need to determine if air-filled balloons make more sense than helium. Although helium balloons do not have air, many people put them in the same category. For the sake of clarity, this information covers both air-filled and helium balloons.

    Comparing Helium and Air-Filled Balloons for Decorations

    • Lasting Time – You need to look at how long balloons filled with helium last compared to those filled with air. Latex balloons with helium and the Hi-Float product will typically last up to 10 hours when used indoors, while regular Mylar or helium balloons can stay inflated for three to four days. However, when used o
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