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Monthly Archives: December 2017

  1. Character Balloons: A Fabulous Way to Surprise Your Kids

    Character Balloons: A Fabulous Way to Surprise Your Kids

    There is no better way to express yourself than assorted balloons. Balloons Online offers a versatile range of balloons to choose from. Of these, character balloons tend to be the most popular. Especially if you choose helium balloons, your child can enjoy them longer. In fact, you can even have them re-inflated at some point if required.

    You also need to think about the number of balloons that you purchase. For instance, you can get one unique balloon or go with balloon bouquets for kids. For the latter, you can choose from a broad range of options, including sizes, types, colors, designs, shapes, and so on. You can even have a bouquet made of character balloons for something extra special.


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  2. Why Everyone Loves Happy Face Balloons

    Why Everyone Loves Happy Face Balloons

    In life, some things naturally make people smile. One of these is happy face balloons. Although you can purchase smiley face latex balloons, Mylar is the favorite. Either way, something magical happens when an individual gets presented with balloons that feature a smiley face. Whether giving them to someone recovering in the hospital, buying a new house, getting a promotion at work, celebrating the arrival of a baby, or having a birthday, these balloons are perfect.

    If you prefer shiny balloons with incredible color and detail, you should opt for Mylar balloons. Considering that you can purchase these balloons featuring a broad range of emoticons, they work beautifully for any event. Even if you have a family member or friend going through a divorce or just feeling down, a smiley face balloon is an excellent pick-me-up.
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  3. Nurture Your Decoration Plans with New Year Balloons

    Nurture Your Decoration Plans with New Year Balloons

    If you plan to host an incredible New Year’s celebration so that family and friends can ring in 2018 together, why not enhance your plans by decorating with New Year balloons? These Mylar balloons come in a broad range of sizes, colors, shapes, and designs, making them the perfect way to create a fun and festive environment regardless of the venue.

    Although you can always use more traditional New Year decorations as well, balloons will give the space for the party a magical touch. You will notice adults of all ages admiring the decorations and touching the balloons as they pass by as though they were still small children. Instead of an ordinary celebration, do something innovative and unique this year using balloons.

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  4. Large Round Balloons for Celebrating a Party in a Perfect Way

    Large Round Balloons for Celebrating a Party in a Perfect Way

    As the host or hostess of an upcoming party, you want everything to be perfect. As part of that, you decided to incorporate large round balloons into your decorations, thereby creating wonderful memories for your guests. Although you can always choose shaped balloons, big balloons with a round shape are perfect for achieving any look.

    As imagined, a giant balloon makes a statement. Regardless if you place it near the front door of the party venue, behind a live band or DJ booth, or at a guest of honor’s table, everyone will notice. Especially when purchasing customized jumbo round balloons, the party space will look amazing. Depending on the purpose of the event, you can choose informal or formal big balloons.
    For instance, you can select oversized balloons shaped like n
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  5. How Can Personalized Balloons Make Your Event Go Viral?

    How Can Personalized Balloons Make Your Event Go Viral?

    For marketing an upcoming event, consider using personalized balloons. In fact, you can use custom balloons to make your planned celebration go viral. When it comes to marketing campaigns, social media is one of the most critical elements of success. Whether in the form of photos or videos, you can use printed balloons to get your message out to your target audience and beyond.

    The following are some examples of how you can use custom balloons to market different types of events.

    • Dog Adoption – When hosting an event to get rescued dogs rehomed, custom balloons are innovative and, therefore, ideal. For this, you can purchase Mylar balloons shaped like different breeds of dogs and then tie coordinating curly ribbon to the collars of four to five animals. As soon as you post the image online along with information about the event, you can bet it will go viral.
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  6. Christmas Balloons: Decorating Tips for a Festive Christmas

    Christmas Balloons: Decorating Tips for a Festive Christmas

    Are you someone who loves to go all out on decorating your house for the holidays? This year, instead of only your traditional decorations, why not do something unique by incorporating Christmas balloons as part of your overall theme? If preferred, you can use an assortment of balloon designs alone or in coordination with your traditional decorations. Either way, your home will look amazing and feel festive.

    If you have smaller children living in the home, you can decorate with Santa balloons. Especially for younger kids who still believe in old Saint Nick, you will see their faces light up. For this, you have incredible possibilities. As an example, you might place several nine-inch mini air-filled balloons around the house with a gorgeous image of Santa Claus.

    You can also choose balloons

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  7. 3 Tips for Long Lasting Foil Letter Balloons Decorations

    3 Tips for Long Lasting Foil Letter Balloons Decorations

    Although foil letters balloons offer a host of benefits compared to other types, most people focus on the fact that they last a long time. While latex balloons last 12 to 30 hours on average depending on size, foil balloons will stay inflated for up to four days. However, if you purchase your balloons from a reputable company that uses only the highest quality material, they can last as long as 10 days.

    Another reason why foil balloons are so popular is that once they deflate, you can take them to a local store and have them re-inflated. As long as there are no holes or other damage, they will hold helium for about the same amount of time as when they were originally purchased. As a long-lasting product, people love these balloons. However, another advantage is their versatility.

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