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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Here's Your Guide to Decorating with Balloons

    Here's Your Guide to Decorating with Balloons

    Balloon decoration is a custom that dates back many decades. As early as the 1970s, silver metalized balloons had been invented for the New York City Ballet. Today, balloons are used everywhere in the world to transform normal spaces into lovely celebration venues. For many people, getting it right with balloon decoration can seem like the preserve of professionals. With this friendly guide, however, anyone can achieve incredible results when decorating with balloons.

    Choose the Type of Balloon You're Going to Use

    Generally, there are two types of balloons from which you can choose. The first is foil balloons. Standard foil balloons are self-sealing. Once full, the valve of the balloon automatically switches off. Be sure to fill the balloon gently, so it doesn't burst due to overfilling. Foil balloons come in all kinds of shapes, including heart-shaped balloons. They can last for up to three days.

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  2. 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Party Balloons

    4 Tips for Choosing the Right Party Balloons

    According to a recent study, over 70% of people look forward to their birthdays. If you're one of them, it's likely you're looking at balloons for your next birthday bash. Despite being a common item in parties, most people rarely get the perfect type of balloon for theirs. That makes it that much more important that you look for a wholesale balloons supplier to sort you out.

    But before you get in touch with a supplier, here are some tips to help you make preliminary balloon choices.


    Know the Number of Balloons You Need

    How many balloons do you need for your event? Before you contact your wholesale balloons supplier or order balloons online, ensure you have an understanding of how many you'll need to fill your event space. Will you be making a balloon arch? Do you need just a few custom balloons? An elegant event might require far fewer balloons than a sweet sixteen party. It's usually a good idea to have an idea of how you want your space

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  3. 5 Reasons Why Air-Filled Balloons Can Boost Event Attendance

    5 Reasons Why Air-Filled Balloons Can Boost Event Attendance

    Convincing people to attend your event can be a painstaking task. Nowadays, everyone juggles between work, family, and other things. Because of that, they hardly have time to interact. You can wonder why your closest friends do not have time to attend your birthday party. It could be that you have not taken appealing steps to attract them. You can try several unique tricks to ensure the highest attendance at your event.

    For example, did you know that local or online wholesale balloon suppliers can save your day? These air-inflated bags can turn a boring event into one that everyone wants to remember. Here are some facts you should know.

    Balloons Can Create a Unique Theme

    Event organizers often have a difficult time when it comes to decorating a venue. One reason being that they have many options to choose from. If it is a group, they may not agree on the same style. Good news is, air filled balloons can save you from such trouble.

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  4. 4 Innovative Ways to Save Money on Balloons

    4 Innovative Ways to Save Money on Balloons

    Businesses and end consumers around the world are expected to spend $330 million on balloons by 2025. Balloons are a universal symbol of a good time, and they add fun to any personal or corporate event. While balloons can help spice up your event, they do cost you money, and if you hold multiple events over the year, then the numbers begin to add up.

    To bring joy to your festivities and other branding activities without breaking the bank, you need to learn economic ways of leveraging balloons for your firm. Here are a few ideas for you to have a good time cost-effectively.

    1. Wine Glasses to the Rescue

    Every business pays special attention to its cost line items so that it can protect its revenue margins and increase efficiency. As an event planner, florist using balloons, or even an auto dealership, marketing events throughout the year can run up the bill. One way

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  5. Seven Types Of Balloons That Will Make Your Event Pop

    Seven Types Of Balloons That Will Make Your Event Pop

    When you are having a party, there is one decoration item that cannot miss: balloons! They not only pop your event but also adds to the aesthetic to make everything work together. Decorating with balloons is affordable, and if you are planning on having kids around, they will have something to play with. But, what types of balloons can you incorporate in your event? Today, we fill you in on exactly that.

    1. Latex balloons: In the world of balloons, latex balloons are the most common. You will see them at every party, and at almost every wedding you attend. They can come decorated in different shapes and will definitely incorporate different colors. An interesting fact about latex is that it’s biodegradable, which makes latex balloons environmentally friendly.
    2. Foil balloons: Foil balloons, on the other hand, have grown in popularity to match their counterparts latex balloons. At first, the balloons needed to be sealed using heat b
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