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Monthly Archives: January 2020

  1. Where to Buy Wholesale Balloons?

    Where to Buy Wholesale Balloons?


    1. Cost, Quality and Time

    Prices are a determining factor when choosing balloon supplies. There are, however, two additional items to prioritize when deciding on where to order. Quality and delivery time. As a balloon artist, you need to identify your needs and the factors you find most important.

    You may be sacrificing:

    • Low balloon prices
    • Lower shipping
    • Lower express shipping
    • Free shipping
    • Actual delivery dates
    • Delivery notifications
    • Better
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  2. A Brief History of Party Balloons

    A Brief History of Party Balloons

    Wholesale balloons suppliers have been making events of all kinds more special and more fun for generations. But what is the history of the ubiquitous balloon? The very first latex balloon was born way back in 1824! A college professor named Michael Faraday, experimenting with gases and their thresholds, fixed two sheets of rubber into an airtight pocket and filled them with a range of gases. Today, party balloons are most commonly inflated with helium, although carbon dioxide is very prominent as well: that’s the air we exhale when we blow up balloons. Read on to learn more about the history of balloons, from Faraday’s early experiment through the billions of balloons sold today by wholesale balloons suppliers.

    Bladder Balloons

    Faraday may be the father of the rubber balloon, but balloons were born way before his billowing experiment. The first balloons were animal bladders! Yes, that’s what we mean by bladders. The air-tight, water

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  3. Buying Guide For The Best Balloons

    Buying Guide For The Best Balloons

    Decorating with balloons is a fun way to celebrate any kind of special event. Balloons are great for weddings, children’s parties, and perfect for the 71% of people who love to celebrate their birthday. Whether you buy them in-store or order balloons online, they are an inexpensive way to brighten up everyone’s day. How do you choose the perfect balloons? Here’s a buying guide for choosing the best balloons.

    Types of Balloons

    Most balloons that you see at children’s parties are made from latex. Latex balloons are extremely versatile, affordable, and biodegradable. There are tons of themes, designs, and colors to choose from. You can choose to either fill them with helium or air.

    Mylar or foil balloons feature various shapes and designs that latex balloons don’t offer. You can order balloons online from various wholesale balloon suppliers in virtually almost any theme you can think of. Most people fill these balloons

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  4. Five Ideas You'll Want To Steal For Your Gender Reveal Party

    Five Ideas You'll Want To Steal For Your Gender Reveal Party

    As you may know from your social media feed, gender reveal parties are a big deal and research suggests that it's not about to change any time soon. Currently, there are over 500,000 YouTube videos featuring gender reveal parties--most, of course, focused on the moment when expectant moms and dads disclose the gender of their baby.

    The purpose of these celebrations is to unveil the gender of the baby to friends and relatives and usually create considerable fanfare and excitement while doing it. Most new parents are choosing to throw just a baby shower or just a gender reveal party. Rarely, parents do both. If you are planning a gender reveal party for your new baby or you are planning one for a loved one or friend, use the following steps to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

    Set Expectations

    Even though the popularity of these celebrations has increased by 60% in just the last few years, some guests may not be familiar with the relatively new concept--and

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