Get Your Kid Ready to Party with These Balloon Animals

Every kid loves animals and balloons, so combining the two for an upcoming party is a win-win situation. For your child’s birthday, balloon animals are the perfect way to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Not only will your child love the decorations, but every other kid who attends will as well.

Of course, you can always mix and match. For instance, if your child wants balloon animals like a monkey, consider hosting a jungle-themed party. You could make several large monkey balloons the primary focus, complemented by smaller balloons with different animals. When you choose a helium-filled mylar & foil or latex balloon, you can prevent it from floating away by purchasing a balloon animal monkey bracelet or whatever matches the animal of choice.

When purchasing balloons from the right source, you have a broad range of balloons that depict different animals. Some examples include:

Square Mylar Balloon – This 15-inch square-shaped mylar & foil balloon has a blue border along with four colored blocks that feature two frogs, a monkey, and a turtle.

Extra Large Jungle Balloon – Along with a brightly colored jungle scene are a giraffe, lion, zebra, monkey, snake, and lizard, with the words “Happy Birthday” boldly printed in black.

Baby Balloons – When celebrating your baby boy’s birthday, an 18-inch round mylar & foil balloon in softer hues of blue and green, and a lion, crocodile, and zebra on the front is ideal. For a daughter, you can select the same balloon but in soft pink and teal with a giraffe, hippo, and elephant on the front.

Teen’s Party – Even teenagers love animal balloons. Something age-appropriate is a large round mylar & foil balloon with a blue and gold swirled background, an animal print in black, tan, and blue and the words “Happy Birthday.”

Lion’s Head – To go along with the monkey balloon, you could also purchase a super-sized lion’s head. Rather than being scary, this lion with its yellow and orange face and bright red mane has a big smile that your child will love.

Latex Balloons – In addition to mylar & foil, you can select brown, yellow, green, and red latex balloons with a printed giraffe, zebra, monkey, and lion on the front. These balloons are also 100 percent biodegradable, so in addition to giving your child a fantastic party, you do something good for the environment.

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