3 Heat Bursting Water Balloon Games For Your Next Summer Party

Ever since the first rubber balloon was made in 1824 by Professor Michael Faraday, people have enjoyed having fun with balloons. While many use balloons for decorations and crafts, there are many fun games you can play with them too. The next time you buy balloons for a summer birthday party, get some for your kids and adults to play entertaining games with. Here are 3 heat bursting water balloon games to try.

Water Baseball

Buy balloons and fill them with water. Divide all the players into two teams. Everyone who will be playing in the outfield is given one water balloon each. The pitcher tosses the balloon to a batter just like in regular baseball. If the batter hits it, they try to run to the bases without getting hit by any of the outfielders’ balloons.

Sweat Pant Relay

For this game, you’re going to need a couple of pairs of 3X men’s sweatpants with elastic ankle bottoms along with your water balloons. Divide all of the players into two groups. Each group will select one person to wear pants. The goal of the game will be to carry as many of the balloons as possible in the sweatpants to a finish line across a yard or field.

Each team fills up their sweatpants and tries to run to the finish line without popping a balloon. The player empties their sweatpant by placing them into a container and then runs back to get more. The team that fills their container first wins.

Balloon And Dart Game

Take several latex balloons and fill them up with water. After tying them up, attach the ends using thumbtacks to a large corkboard. Write a different point value on each latex balloon. The ones that are filled with the most water should have the lowest point value because they will pop easier.

Set up a throwing line about 15 feet away from the board. Have the kids line up and throw darts one at a time at the water balloons. The one who scores the most points after all the balloons are popped wins.

The next time you buy balloons, keep these games in mind for your next summer party. These games are incredibly affordable if you get wholesale latex balloons from wholesale balloon suppliers online. Everyone will have plenty of fun and will be sure to get wet. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat!