3 Tips To Order Birthday Party Balloons Online

According to a recent survey, 71% of people said that they loved celebrating their birthday no matter how old they are. When it comes to celebrating birthdays, balloons are an absolutely fun decoration choice. There are so many amazing options for any theme imaginable. You can get these balloons easily from the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks of a button. Here are three tips to order balloons online for a birthday party.

Choose The Type Of Balloon You Want

As you browse to order balloons online, you’ll notice that there are a wide variety of colors and designs. Think about the birthday party theme and how you would like to incorporate the balloons into the decoration scheme. Helium balloons are a great choice if you want them to float during the air. Latex balloons are a popular choice because they are incredibly affordable. If you want to add a bit of sparkle and shine, foil balloons are a great choice.

Determine The Number Of Balloons You’ll Need

To give you an idea on the number of balloons you may need, it takes about three to seven balloons to make a table bouquet and five to 12 to make a floor one. A small balloon arch consists of 60-100 balloons and a large one takes 120 balloons to make. Consider how much space you’ll have to decorate and how much room any other decorations may take. This will help you figure out how many balloons you’ll be able to buy.

Figure Out Cost

The cost for balloons will vary depending on the type. It typically costs around $30 for a pack of 50 latex balloons. Heart-shaped balloons can range anywhere from $3 to $50 in price. If you want to inflate balloons with helium, it can cost you 50 cents and up to fill them. Once you know the exact number of balloons that you’ll need, you can shop around and compare to get the best price available.

There are numerous websites where you can order balloons online for a birthday party. Be sure that you read all the terms and conditions before you place your order. You can find some great deals from wholesale balloons suppliers that are affordable for your budget, no matter how tight it may be. Your next birthday party is sure to look amazing!