4 Innovative Ways to Save Money on Balloons

Businesses and end consumers around the world are expected to spend $330 million on balloons by 2025. Balloons are a universal symbol of a good time, and they add fun to any personal or corporate event. While balloons can help spice up your event, they do cost you money, and if you hold multiple events over the year, then the numbers begin to add up.

To bring joy to your festivities and other branding activities without breaking the bank, you need to learn economic ways of leveraging balloons for your firm. Here are a few ideas for you to have a good time cost-effectively.

1. Wine Glasses to the Rescue

Every business pays special attention to its cost line items so that it can protect its revenue margins and increase efficiency. As an event planner, florist using balloons, or even an auto dealership, marketing events throughout the year can run up the bill. One way to make your marketing cost-efficient is to look at how you use every item during an event.

When you are throwing a marketing or celebratory gig with balloons, you can cut down on the bill by taking advantage of your wine glasses. Instead of purchasing weights to anchor your balloons, tie them to the wine glass stems. If you only have water glasses at your event, they can work too.

As the icing on your cake, you should purchase your balloons from wholesale balloons suppliers which will drive your cost down even further.

2. Buy in Large Quantities

If you are a business that relies on several marketing events throughout the year, you ought to make wholesale balloons suppliers your best friends. Purchasing wholesale balloons will get you a more attractive price per unit from the wholesale balloon supplier. The cost savings you end up making can go into another part of the business that can drive more value.

3. Leverage Competition Among Wholesale Balloons Suppliers

Wholesale balloons suppliers often compete fiercely against each other, and that can work to your advantage. With the advent of the internet, it became much easier to reach a large chunk of the balloon market. As a result, the number of wholesale balloons suppliers shot up significantly. That, in turn, led to the need for competitive pricing for many of the operators.

You can get quotes from several wholesale balloon suppliers to determine what you think the market can offer you by way of optimal pricing. Aside from cutting costs on party supplies due to the competition, you will also find it much easier to secure high-quality balloons.

Reputable sellers of wholesale balloons know that to differentiate themselves from the pack they have to offer high-quality products. Besides, these sellers try to offer variety not just in the design but other aspects that meet client needs too. For example, environmentally conscious buyers look for latex balloons as they are sustainable. Since latex producing trees don’t need to be cut when harvesting latex, they can keep producing for up to 40 years.

4. Float Without Helium

Balloons are often closely associated with helium. While it does make inflating balloons easier, helium can be costly even for a business. To cut on costs but still get your balloon floating during that party or marketing event you should look at cheaper alternatives. One idea here is to fill your balloons ahead of time, tie them with a ribbon which curls and hangs downwards.

Take a circle of tape (or double-sided tape), place it on top of the balloon and stick it to the ceiling with the curly ribbon facing downwards. Your guests will still perceive the balloons to be floating while you get to save on the helium.

Bring the Fun without Denting Your Account Balance

Balloons play an essential part in corporate marketing activities by setting the right atmosphere. Although they don’t seem costly, balloons can run up quite a bill the more you use them for your events. Find innovative ways to bring down the cost per event, and you will ultimately make your overall party supplies expenditure cost-friendly.