5 Creative Ideas Using Foil Balloons For Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, we pull out all the stops to show that special someone how much we love them. According to WalletHub’s 2019 Valentine’s Day Survey, approximately 44% of participants expect their significant other to spend $50 or more on a gift. But what if you don’t have that much to spend? How can you create something extra special on a budget? Here are five creative ideas using foil balloons to create a special romantic experience for your love.

Create A Heart Balloon Wall

Fill up some red and pink balloons and tape them to your wall in a heart shape. You can make this idea a game by inserting potential Valentine’s Day plans inside each balloon. You can include things like planning a weekend giveaway, movie night, or give your partner his or her choice. Insert these pre-made messages prior to filling the balloons. You can also create a cute “Pop One” sign and attach it to the wall as well.

Balloon Your Bed

Surprise your partner with a bed filled with balloons. You can write special messages on the outside of the foil balloons. For an extra special effect, add rose petals and lit candles. Just make sure the lit candles are at a far enough distance from the balloons. You will also want to make sure the balloons are securely tied down so they will not float away. Dim the lights to enhance the romantic mood.

Balloon Bouquet

Create a fascinating bouquet of balloons attached with messages expressing how much you love them. Get some notecards and write down one thing you love about them on each card. Attach these messages at the bottom of each balloon. You can also decorate the balloons by attaching numbered stickers on them.

Shower Them With Love

On the night before Valentine’s Day, fill up a bunch of balloons and sneak them into the shower after your partner goes to sleep. Make sure to close the shower curtain completely. When he or she goes to take a shower the next morning, what a surprise it will be when all those balloons come cascading out.

Balloon Bomb

One unique way to celebrate your love is by secretly filling up your partner’s car with heart-shaped balloons. Do this while they are at work or have a friend whisk them away to run errands. Include a cute love note. Use a large trash bag to carry the balloons to the car. Using the garbage bag will also make it easier to dump the balloons inside while providing a barrier to keep them from floating away until you can close the door.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive in order to show someone how much they mean to you. Using a bit of creativity and thought will go a long way. Foil balloons can be used to help you express your innermost thoughts with a beautiful and romantic visual presentation.