5 Kid's Birthday Party Ideas Trending In 2020

According to a survey by BabyCenter, 11% of couples spend over $500 on their child's first birthday. While big-spending happens, many parents throw their young children unforgettable birthdays without the exorbitant price tag. It is more than doable. Here are the latest children's birthday party trends of 2020--all within a reasonable budget.

1. Break Out The Popcorn: Movie Nights

The New York City Ballet first used foil balloons or silver balloons in the 1970s. These balloons have been in use ever since. Buy balloons and arrange foil balloons featuring your child's favorite movie characters around the room or lawn.

For an especially memorable and cost-effective birthday, purchase a projector and throw your child's birthday party outdoors, drive-in style. Put up tables and balloons. Pop popcorn and pass out candy. Use the projector to show your child's favorite movie and give them a birthday to remember!

2. Spelling It Out: Elaborate Decor

Gone are the days when elaborate decor and themes were for adults only. Pick a theme. Whether it's Frozen, SpongeBob, dinosaurs, or tropical decor -- you can purchase decorations for your child's party without breaking the bank.

Buy balloons in-theme. Buy flamingo balloons for tropical-themed birthday parties. Spell out "Happy Birthday" and your child's name using striking foil balloons. Use printables and stamps to keep party costs low. Printables are paper decorations you can find online and print out on a quality printer at home or order high-quality prints online. Similarly, stamps can range from SpongeBob's face or a pineapple print. Stamp paper cups and paper plates with SpongeBob or pineapples--for the perfect tropical paradise birthday. Keep prices low and your children happy!

3. The "Fiver"

This trend is kid- and parent-friendly. The premise is simple. Instead of a gift, attendees bring $5 each. Parents use the money to buy a gift for their child. That keeps costs low and shifts the focus back to having fun and celebrating children's birthdays, not fretting over gifts. It is an especially popular idea for children's fifth birthdays and can be slightly modified for subsequent years (i.e., everyone brings six dollars to celebrate age 6 and so on).

4. A Birthday Scavenger Hunt

According to Pinterest and Parents.com, scavenger hunts are making a comeback, with searches for scavenger hunts and scavenger hunt ideas up 302% on Pinterest recently. Make up your own rules, or search the web and download printable ones. This can also be easily modified to create a treasure hunt for a pirate-themed children's birthday party.

Scavenger hunts invite everyone to actively take part, and keep kids busy and occupied during birthday parties instead of continually asking about ice cream and cake.

5. Celebrating In An Enchanted Forest

Modify bohemian or boho adult themes, and make them kid-friendly! In 2020, it is becoming increasingly popular to mark children's birthdays with a celebration in an enchanted forest--or do your best to make it look that way. Here are a few ideas for the perfect enchanted forest party:

  • Dress the part! Dress your child or children in light colors, like pale pinks, yellows, and blues and/or forest tones, like brown and green. Accessorize with flower crowns, leggings, wands, and wings. In the invitations, ask guests to dress the same way.
  • It's all in the decorations. String up some fairy lights. Cover small stools or seats with a toadstool pattern. Pepper the outdoor area with garden gnomes, fairies, flowers, and green plants. Buy balloons with glowing lights inside for the perfect nighttime ambiance.
  • Play games. Organize some games that are in-theme for your children's guests. Invite young guests to paint rocks or magic stones. Use brightly colored paint and/or paint with glitter. Tap into the little guests' creative side with wand-making or fairy potion-making games.

With the right decor and accessories, kids' birthdays can be unforgettable--and well within budget. As many as 74.3 million children will celebrate their birthdays this year. Help your child's stand out. Throw an enchanted forest party, organize a scavenger hunt, and buy balloons for practical and striking decor!