Add Magic to Your Fall Wedding with Balloon Bouquets

At one time, balloon options were so limited that no one would have considered them as wedding decorations. Today, you can choose from a vast range of balloons, including different types, sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. Because of that, balloon bouquets have become one of the most popular ways to add magic to a fall wedding. With the right wedding balloon bouquet, everyone will remember your special day.

The great thing about balloon bouquets for weddings is that you can select a pre-designed product or choose single balloons to create something unique. Compared to more traditional wedding decorations, bouquets of balloons are more affordable and versatile. Regardless of the size, theme, or level of formality of your upcoming wedding, you have multiple possibilities. For a fall wedding, the following are some options to consider.

Black and White Balloons – For a formal wedding, a large heart-shaped balloon in black, white, or both is perfect. You can choose a balloon with white at the top followed by a horizontal streak of black in the center that fades back into white. In the middle are white roses and the words “Best Wishes.” Another option is a white balloon with shades of gray/black that create the outline of wedding bells, also with the words “Best Wishes.” You can then add several smaller heart-shaped balloons in your primary wedding color or colors.

Bride and Groom Caricatures – If you and your soon-to-be-spouse want something a little less formal that everyone will enjoy, you can have two bouquets created. The first is a caricature of a bride and the second is of the groom. For the bouquet, add small round and shiny Mylar balloons in whatever color you prefer.

Happily Ever After – This wedding balloon bouquet is stunningly beautiful. It features a larger round silver Mylar balloon silver with a black edge and the words “Happily Ever After” in the center. This bouquet comes with two small round silver balloons with the same phrase, two silver heart-shaped balloons, and one silver balloon shaped like a diamond.

Interlocking Hearts – Perhaps one of the sweetest of all balloon bouquets for weddings are interlocking hearts. You could then add three to five heart-shaped balloons using the colors of your wedding or falls colors like orange, yellow, red, and brown.

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