Bring in Your Bachelorette Party with Colorful Custom Balloons
As the hostess of a bachelorette party, you have a big responsibility. You want to throw a classy party yet something the bride-to-be will remember. For this occasion, you need to start by choosing the right decorations. While there are many possibilities, you will never go wrong with custom balloons. Along with that, you can select from a variety of printed balloons that will also make the venue festive and fun.

While you can choose whatever you like or believe the bachelorette will appreciate, consider some of the following recommendations for both printed and custom balloons.
 Marquee Balloons – With marquee balloons, friends at the bachelorette party can use chalk to write personal messages. If necessary, the soon-to-be bride can erase whatever she wants to avoid leaving any discriminating evidence. Marquee balloons come in a broad range of shapes and color combinations. Along with decorations, they are an excellent icebreaker. In fact, you can incorporate them in several games.
 Personalized Balloons – When ordering from a reputable online source, you can also have the balloons customized. Depending on what you want for the party, you can have the company create balloons with a specific message, the name of the bride, the date of the party, or whatever you want. If you go with Mylar, once the balloons deflate, the bachelorette can add them to her wedding album.
 Balloon Bouquets – Another way to customize bachelorette party balloons is with bouquets. For this, you can select balloons yourself or purchase a predesigned arrangement. For instance, you might consider a jumbo black balloon with white, pink, and brown polka dots, along with the word “Bachelorette” in brown and “Party” in pink with white dots. The bouquet also features two smaller identical balloons, as well as two small pink balloons with white dots and no wording.
 Balloon Accessories – To bring life to the bachelorette party, you can always opt for accessories. While Sparkly Lites create a unique illusion, cellophane weights that coordinate with a balloon bouquet look elegant.
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