Buying Guide For The Best Balloons

Decorating with balloons is a fun way to celebrate any kind of special event. Balloons are great for weddings, children’s parties, and perfect for the 71% of people who love to celebrate their birthday. Whether you buy them in-store or order balloons online, they are an inexpensive way to brighten up everyone’s day. How do you choose the perfect balloons? Here’s a buying guide for choosing the best balloons.

Types of Balloons

Most balloons that you see at children’s parties are made from latex. Latex balloons are extremely versatile, affordable, and biodegradable. There are tons of themes, designs, and colors to choose from. You can choose to either fill them with helium or air.

Mylar or foil balloons feature various shapes and designs that latex balloons don’t offer. You can order balloons online from various wholesale balloon suppliers in virtually almost any theme you can think of. Most people fill these balloons with helium, but you can fill them with air if you’re on a budget. These balloons can stay inflated for up to ten days and some can be deflated and refilled for future use.

How To Fill Balloons

The cheapest way to fill balloons is to blow them yourself with air. If you have a large number of balloons, you will want to invest in a manual or electric pump so you don’t run out of breath. Manual pumps are the cheapest and use your hands or feet to pump air into the balloons. Electric pumps make things more convenient but can be expensive.

With helium balloons, you can choose to either buy a helium tank or have them filled where you bought them. If you’re buying your own canister, you’ll need to get the right size. A small container will fill about 30 latex balloons that are nine inches or eight foil balloons that are 18 inches in length. A large canister will help you fill up thirteen foil balloons or 50 latex ones.

Balloon Accessories

When you buy balloons, you can get some great accessories to go along with them to make them even more beautiful. These accessories include items such as ribbons, tassels, and balloon weights to hold them in place. There are also accessories that will help you to attach balloons to archways, tables, and walls.

When you order balloons online, be sure to check out the website’s requirements for placing your order. Compare prices and look for any additional fees for custom designs and shipping. Taking your time to make the best possible selection can help make your next special event a huge success!