Choosing the Right Balloons for Your Next Big Event

Planning a party or big event can get stressful. It's not uncommon to be bombarded by logistic concerns, coordination errors, and last minute requests. Everything from the food to the entertainment to the decorations requires careful attention and planning to make the day fun and memorable. Choosing the right balloons for your event should not add any more stress to your planning process. Picking out wholesale balloons can be the most fun you have while planning a party, and if you follow our simple guide, then you shouldn't have any trouble finding the right balloons to match your party's theme, style, and most importantly, budget. Let's get started!

While there are a few small differences between a helium balloon and an air-filled balloon, it's important to know that despite most people thinking helium is necessary, air-filled balloons are usually enough to meet any of the needs of your big event. Typically, 11-inch latex balloons generally last between 12 and 20 hours when they are filled with helium. Air-filled balloons will not float, but they do generally last for a couple of weeks. Contrary to popular belief, helium is actually not a necessity when it comes to wholesale balloons. In fact, in most cases, helium is not even a requirement to decorate your party with fun, stylish balloons that help your party stand out from all the rest. For example, if you're looking to fill your event space with jumbo letters, symbols, or numbers, they can be inflated with air and affixed to the walls or any other areas.

Even if you haven't made up your mind on the rest of your party's decorations, it's a good idea to think about the type of balloons you're looking for. When it comes to modern wholesale balloons, there are a few main materials you should be aware of. The first and perhaps most prevalent are latex balloons. These are the classic balloons that people think of when they think of balloons. They are made of latex and shaped like raindrops. Latex balloons are great because people are familiar with them, and because they can be customized in a lot of different ways. Your imagination is the only limit! If you're working with a reputable dealer who specializes in wholesale balloons, then you can have fun choosing different shapes, sizes, and colors for your party.

Next up, you've probably also heard of or seen foil balloons. These balloons look as though they have a reflective, mirror-like quality to them. One advantage to foil balloons is that you have even more options when it comes to customizing size, shape, and design. Many times foil balloons are excellent if you want to print graphics on your balloons to match an event's particular theme or aesthetic. Foil balloons are also quite durable. They are easy to decorate with as they are made with lightweight materials that last a long time.

While there are many other kinds of balloon types, knowing the basics will cover most of your needs for your upcoming event. Of course, when you're looking for a company who deals in wholesale balloons, it's crucial to find one that you know you can trust. It's not worth the added hassles, time, and headaches to try to cut corners and deal with a company that does not have a proven track record of success in the industry. Sometimes it's helpful to ask around for recommendations from trusted friends, colleagues, and coworkers. Customer service, a variety of options, and fair pricing are all factors to consider as you search for the right wholesale balloons. Don't forget to keep shipping times in mind, too. It's easy to overlook the shipping window for your balloons when you're juggling so many other aspects of planning your party. Fast, reliable shipping guarantees your balloons arrive safe and on time so that you can pull off your event without any hiccups.

If you need reliable, high-quality wholesale balloons for your next big event, contact us today!