Where to Buy Wholesale Balloons?

1. Cost, Quality and Time

Prices are a determining factor when choosing balloon supplies. There are, however, two additional items to prioritize when deciding on where to order. Quality and delivery time. As a balloon artist, you need to identify your needs and the factors you find most important.

You may be sacrificing:

  • Low balloon prices
  • Lower shipping
  • Lower express shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Actual delivery dates
  • Delivery notifications
  • Better searching


2. Services Offered

What services do you require? Are you receiving all the modern services that may be available? There are many services available that will decrease both your time investment and your cost. It may be beneficial to choose a balloon supplier that offers multiple services and can meet all of your balloon decorating needs.

Beneficial Services:

  • Ease of use
  • Better interface
  • 24/7 ticket response
  • Easy to edit orders
  • More product information
  • More balloon knowledge
  • Account management
  • Building your own catalog through wish lists
  • Product filters
  • Notifications when items are back in stock
  • Restock delivery dates
  • Saving multiple payment methods
  • Saving multiple addresses
  • Video Resources


3. Balloon Reliability

Are you receiving the highest possible quality standards? You depend on balloon quality and consistency. A reliable product can create a much higher positive experience and in turn meet your expectations.

What you should look for:

  • No fillers, extenders, plasticizers or cost reducing agents
  • Consistent inflation size
  • Low defect rate
  • Softer more pleasant latex texture
  • Awesome colours
  • Larger variety of colours
  • Larger variety of sizes
  • Better sealed packages for maximum freshness


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