Five Ideas You'll Want To Steal For Your Gender Reveal Party

As you may know from your social media feed, gender reveal parties are a big deal and research suggests that it's not about to change any time soon. Currently, there are over 500,000 YouTube videos featuring gender reveal parties--most, of course, focused on the moment when expectant moms and dads disclose the gender of their baby.

The purpose of these celebrations is to unveil the gender of the baby to friends and relatives and usually create considerable fanfare and excitement while doing it. Most new parents are choosing to throw just a baby shower or just a gender reveal party. Rarely, parents do both. If you are planning a gender reveal party for your new baby or you are planning one for a loved one or friend, use the following steps to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Set Expectations

Even though the popularity of these celebrations has increased by 60% in just the last few years, some guests may not be familiar with the relatively new concept--and no two parties are the same. With that in mind, it is best to be very explicit when sending out invitations. If you are combining your gender reveal party and baby shower, say so. If you expect gifts, consider including a link to your registry, a list of stores where you are registered, or creative invitations that politely suggest the gifts that will be most helpful. For example, some families throw a diaper raffle. If that's the way you want to go, include a ticket inside or along with invitations, and offer to tear off and collect the other end of tickets in exchange for a pack of diapers.

Be polite but as straightforward as possible. Don't leave guests guessing whether this is a gender reveal party, baby shower, or both. For gender reveal parties only, a simple statement requesting "Please save gifts for the baby shower!" will do just fine. Specify who is welcome. More and more modern gender reveal parties and baby showers include dads, brothers, and male friends, but specify on your invite to make sure all guests are comfortable.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Some parents stick to traditional colors like pink and blue. At these parties, expect to see a lot of pink or blue air-filled balloons, pink and blue streamers, pink and blue cutlery... you get the idea. More and more families are gravitating toward gender-neutral ideas. First, they may not want to give away the sex of their baby before officially revealing it. Second, they may not want to reinforce ideas that only boys can play with trucks and only girls play with dolls. For these parties, pastels, white, gold, and silver, and baby animals are popular when it comes to decor. Festoon an entire wall or table with big, foil balloons spelling out the words, "Oh Baby!" or "What Will It Be?" If you are still stuck, ask wholesale balloon suppliers about the best balloons for babies regardless of sex.

Infuse It With A Bit Of Fun

Keep it lighthearted. Ask guests to wear blue or pink pins, displaying their best guess about the baby's sex. Latex balloons are 10 to 30 cm or about 4 to 7 inches in diameter, making them perfect for balloon dart games. Ask guests to exchange a pack of diapers for a raffle ticket or the chance to bid on the baby's gender. The highest bids and correct guesses get prizes. Play darts with white or gold balloons and pink or blue confetti. Ask wholesale balloon suppliers about purchasing these balloons and your decorations in bulk. Provide plenty of food, soft drinks, and champagne or themed cocktails.

Plan For The Big Reveal

Release pink or blue balloons from a box, break open a balloon filled with the appropriate color confetti or choose smoke-filled balloons for gender reveals. Ask wholesale balloon suppliers what options they have available.

Don't Forget Your Thank Yous

Thank guests before they leave, and send out a personalized thank you card to each guest. If guests bring a gift, try to thank them for that gift specifically.

Gender reveal parties are a lot of fun. Ask wholesale balloon suppliers about the best decorations and gender reveal options for you or your loved one!