Hitting the Milestones: Balloons For Life's Biggest Events

Balloons aren’t just for birthdays.


And they aren’t just for kids anymore. A recent survey found that 71% of individuals love to celebrate their birthday—no matter their age. But a birthday party isn’t the only occasion worth celebrating. Many moments in life deserve a fun-filled and vibrant party.

And of course, what’s a celebration without some balloons?


They are a great way of decorating for your special event without going overboard with your party budget.


So the next time you have a reason to celebrate, try not to skimp on the decorations and order balloons online. Not only will they look great in photos, but they’ll fill the room with color, setting the tone for your get-together.

If you’re still unsure of how such a simple solution can make a huge difference, continue reading about all the non-birthday events in your life that could use some extra pizazz.


Gender Reveal Parties


Gender reveal parties have become popularized through viral videos posted and shared on social media. Your parents probably didn’t have one, but this generation of millennial parents has claimed this trend as their own. Love them or hate them, you’re bound to throw one, help plan one, or get invited to one at some point.


If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a gender reveal it is a family gathering where an expectant couple reveals the gender of their child in a fun and colorful way. Blue for a boy and pink for a girl.


It’s an emotional moment for the parents, and one way some couples unveil the big news is by opening a box filled with colored balloons of the corresponding gender. The birth of someone’s first child is such a momentous milestone, so why not mark it with a celebration that the entire family will remember for years to come.


Graduation Parties


Whether the graduate is celebrating leaving high or college, it’s a proud moment for the entire family regardless. It’s only natural to want to have friends and family over for a small gathering before the graduate embarks on the next chapter of their life. Decorate with balloons in their school colors, and your graduate will have meaningful photos to look back on into adulthood.




Of course, you don’t need to throw a lavish party to celebrate a special occasion. A proposal can be a quiet and intimate occurrence. Light a candle, play their favorite record, and fill the room with some heart shaped balloons. It will be a moment you’ll tell your kids about for years to come.


Order Balloons Online For Your Special Event


When you plan a special event like these, your or your loved one are hitting a valuable milestone.

There are many perks when you order balloons online. You can be discreet if you’re planning an event in secret. You’ll also save time by driving down to the store and having to make your selection. Shop on your own time, and still plan a significant event with a few easy clicks. Even if it's not a birthday party, give any event the birthday party treatment with some decorative balloons, and you'll be sure to never forget it.