How to Choose the Right Wholesale Balloons for Your Next Big Event

There are lots of choices to make when you're planning a big event, party, or celebration. Everything from your event space to your decorations and entertainment are likely taking up a large portion of your mental energy. But even so, you should remember that selecting the right balloons can really help pull it all together. If you're planning a big event and you're not sure how to choose the right wholesale balloons, or where to even begin, then follow these simple tips below. You just might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

Choose the right type of balloon

When planning a big party, event, or celebration, many people make the mistake of rushing into picking the first flashy balloon design they come across without taking care to be mindful of the type of balloon that they're choosing. The main types of balloons are latex balloons and foil balloons. While there are other types, these two are the styles that you are most likely to come across. Of course, you don't need to be an expert on the different types of balloons before choosing the right type, but it does help to be mindful of this as you curate your decorations. Consulting with an experienced designer that specializes in wholesale balloons can help you to navigate the different balloon types if you're not sure what you should be looking out for.

Have fun with your designs and combinations

When it comes to picking out balloons, creating novel design combinations is perhaps the most fun and satisfying part of the entire process. When you choose a reputable seller of wholesale balloons, you can enjoy the stimulation of nearly infinite combinations. Some designs may convey a subtler effect, allowing the rest of your decorations to shine. On the other hand, you could also pick balloon designs that steal the show and make for amazing centerpieces in your event space. Knowing what type of aesthetic you're trying to achieve is really your only limitation when it comes to combining different designs and combinations. Wholesale balloons are an excellent place to express your personal sense of style and creativity!

Don't forget to pick the right sized balloons

Once you've settled on your choice of materials and designs, you should consider the size of the wholesale balloons. Most venues will have ample space for lots of balloons, but you should always double-check the constraints of your space before ordering too many balloons.

Latex balloons are most commonly 10 to 30 centimeters in diameter. While this is a pretty reasonable size for most party venues, you should be careful if you're looking to order a large number of latex balloons, as they can quickly take up space if you're not too careful. In contrast, you could search out larger sizes of balloons if you're looking to create a larger, more expansive effect in a larger ballroom or banquet hall setting. The key is to know the limits of your space and the effect you're trying to create with your wholesale balloons and other pieces of decor.

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