Perfect Your Decorations: 3 Reasons To Choose Balloons

Event planning is a lucrative profession, with weddings, conferences, parties, festivals, carnivals, expos, and races taking place regularly throughout the year. By carefully thinking ahead, it is more than possible to host your next event without the added expense of a professional.

One of the keys to a successful event is securing simple, eye-catching, and cost-effective decorations. That is where balloons come in! Learn how balloons can help you strike the perfect balance between practicality and charm.

Balloons Are Versatile!

Latex, foil, mylar, air filled balloons, helium filled balloons... you name it. Available in a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors, balloons give you options. A simple, run-of-the-mill 11 inch latex balloon filled with helium will last 12 to 20 hours. If you fill the same balloon with air it may last several weeks, but air filled balloons do not float. By comparison, foil balloons last anywhere from 12 to 30 hours up to 10 days.

Picking and choosing materials for balloons is just the beginning. You can purchase balloons customized with a message, brand, or logo, licensed balloons emblazoned with TV or movie characters, or foil balloons that come in different shapes, letters, or numbers. Purchase a foil balloon 5 and 0 to commemorate a 50th birthday. Spell out the words "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" or create a balloon wall to decorate a large space without overspending. Ask a wholesale balloons supplier about your options when decorating your next event or party.

Balloons Focus Attention

Many events have an area of focus or several areas of focus. The goal is to draw attention to them, but being subtle is often best. For example, at a bridal shower, baby shower, or adult birthday party, many guests will bring a gift. Some guests, like those traveling from out of state, may not. Bringing attention to gifts or lack thereof is in poor taste. Decorating a table for gifts with balloons and streamers and making it prominent--without making it feel like a compulsory stop--is an appropriate and decorative alternative.

Similarly, balloon arches are a great way to designate an entrance for an expo or business conference. Depending on the venue, guests may otherwise walk around, looking to others to find out where to go. A balloon arch is simple, striking, and useful! Balloon arches are a perfect way to mark the start and finish line (and any other significant milestones) for races and charity walks as well. Talk to wholesale balloons suppliers about the best balloon type or types for your event.

Easy Clean-Up

Believe it or not, set up and clean-up are the biggest tasks of party planning. Work with wholesale balloons suppliers for easy set up and clean up. Setting up balloons is relatively simple. Simply blow them up and arrange them. Unlike other decorations, you can play with different ideas and concepts even after ordering and blowing up balloons. If one idea isn't working, easily go with plan B.

Similarly, balloons are simple to deflate and discard. For regular latex balloons or foil balloons in fun shapes, recycle them by passing balloons out to children before they leave. Deflated balloons do not take up a lot of space, and some varieties may be recycled or repurposed for later uses. Ask wholesale balloons suppliers for details!

The old adage "humans are social animals" is an adage for a good reason... it's true! Expect to attend at least one party, event, conference, or walk for charity per year, and realize there is a good chance you may end up hosting one, too. Choose balloons for decorations that are eye-catching, versatile, and easy to set up and take down.