Seven Types Of Balloons That Will Make Your Event Pop

When you are having a party, there is one decoration item that cannot miss: balloons! They not only pop your event but also adds to the aesthetic to make everything work together. Decorating with balloons is affordable, and if you are planning on having kids around, they will have something to play with. But, what types of balloons can you incorporate in your event? Today, we fill you in on exactly that.

  1. Latex balloons: In the world of balloons, latex balloons are the most common. You will see them at every party, and at almost every wedding you attend. They can come decorated in different shapes and will definitely incorporate different colors. An interesting fact about latex is that it’s biodegradable, which makes latex balloons environmentally friendly.
  2. Foil balloons: Foil balloons, on the other hand, have grown in popularity to match their counterparts latex balloons. At first, the balloons needed to be sealed using heat but a self-sealing valve was installed later on to make them easy to blow up and set up. Visit any wholesale foil balloons store and order this type of balloon in different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.
  3. Letter balloons: These balloons will either be latex or foil. In most cases, they will be foil balloons. Whether you are throwing a birthday party or you want to write the name of your store, a wholesale foil balloons shop will give you the letters, numbers, and color combinations you need to make things light up. You can even order balloons online and have them delivered to your home if this will be easier for you.
  4. Cloud-buster balloons: Are you thinking of making a huge statement during your event? Then this is the balloon to go for. Cloud-buster balloons are made of chloroprene, which is a unique material designed to withstand the effects of UV rays. This special material helps the balloons avert the damage caused by the sun’s rays, which makes them perfect for open houses, car dealerships, and other businesses that plan to keep the balloons up for a while. Like other balloon types, cloud-busters come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and be bought at a wholesale foil balloons shop.
  5. Toy balloons: These are small-sized latex party balloons. They are fun and fill a room with their burst of colors. Latex balloons are generally 10 to around 30 centimeters in diameter and are filled with air or helium. You don’t need to have an event to have these balloons around. They are a fun kid’s toy, and your little ones will have the time of their life playing with balloons.

Balloons are a part of every celebration because of the fun and color they bring to the event. You can either mix and match your balloons, or have them follow your events theme colors to keep everything in harmony and symmetry. Sprinkle some toy balloons around so kids can have a full day playing or make a statement guests will remember for a while with cloud-buster balloons. However you choose to use them, you can’t miss balloons in your events.