Why Your Store Needs To Stock Up On Balloons This Holiday Season
When you think about Christmas and New Year's Eve decorations, balloons may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Here's why that should change: balloons are a versatile, creative, and inexpensive way to bring holiday cheer into your home--and into your customers' homes--this season. Why balloons? Here are a few reasons why people love festive balloons so much:

1. You Can Do Just About Anything With Balloons

Most decorations are pretty limiting. You put them up. They look nice. End of story. Balloons are a much more appealing option for creative types. Schools, teachers, offices, dealerships, and just about anyone who wants to be creative and host a Christmas and/or New Year's Eve party may want to consider using balloons for their decor. Why? Customers can choose from straightforward, blow-it-up and put-it-up designs (for example, balloons with festive messages like "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," or "Happy New Year's!"), different color balloons, heart-shaped balloons, star-shaped balloons, foil balloons, and more. Creative ideas: Follow online tutorials and attach red and white balloons to form a balloon Santa. Order foil balloons shaped like a picture frame to give guests a fun, unique backdrop for their Christmas party and/or New Year's Eve party photos.

2. Buying Balloons Is Simple and Convenient

The best thing about balloons is that they're simple to purchase. Order balloons online and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home! Easily choose from all balloon options, instead of being limited to a few options only, like you would be at a brick-and-mortar store. Decorators, party stores, retailers, and event planners can order balloons online in bulk to take advantage of wholesale prices.

3. Easy Clean-Up!

Unlike Christmas and New Year's Eve decorations that require stowing away for the majority of the year, balloons are often--but not always!--one-time use. Balloons can be discarded at the end of seasonal events, freeing up space and resources. Customers can have a guilt-free conscience when it comes to a single-use latex balloon as well. Harvesting and using latex does not destroy the tree and leaves forests healthy and intact.
Foil balloon or metallic silver balloons, invented in the 1970s for the New York City Ballet, can be used once or several times. Most varieties are recyclable. Customers can use air or helium to simply blow them up again. For a longer-lasting, more environmentally friendly option, use air to fill up foil balloons.

Save yourself time, money, and storage space this season: order balloons online for cost-effective, unique, and creative decorating.