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Holiday Mylar and Foil Balloons

Your beautiful decorations are the first thing that your guests are going to see, and that’s the thing that makes your celebration truly bright, memorable, and special.

Festive balloons, fresh flowers and greenery, candles, garlands and ribbons, fabric decor and tassels — billions of decoration ideas are here to help your party stand out!

What is holiday balloon decor?

Holiday balloons are equally perfect for creating decorations for weddings, corporate parties, school celebrations, children's parties, birthdays, baby shower parties, and many other occasions.

Balloons look amazing both separately and as a part of holiday balloons decorations: garlands, columns, arches, panels, photo zone decorations will make the world around you look more festive!

Why you need to choose holiday balloons: main pros

Today, you can inexpensively order balloons of almost any color, shape, and size. There are tons of holiday balloon décor ideas to make your special day unforgettable.


  • balloons are the brightest and most common decorations associated with a party;
  • you can create complex balloon compositions;
  • they are suitable for creating both interior and exterior decorations;
  • balloons can be used as an element of a game or show.


The average quality latex holiday balloons price is about 7-30 cents per balloon. By the way, designers can help you inflate and deliver balloons, and even create unique decorations for a reasonable price.

Wide choice

Find the perfect choice for your party: latex balloons of all colors and shapes, holiday Mylar balloons, surprise balloons, bubbles, link-o-loon balloons, led balloons, and many other options!


You can order balloons of any color and shape, and the designers will help you to bring the most extraordinary idea to life. That’s why balloons are so popular!

The widest range of Mylar balloons for any celebration

Bright and shiny, Mylar balloons come in a wide variety of colors and shapes (cartoon characters, stars, hearts, bouquets of roses, etc.), with different inscriptions and that’s what makes them the perfect choice for decorating any event.

Buy Mylar balloons of exceptional quality on Balloons Online, USA first and exclusive Sempertex distributor!

  • Valentine’s day balloons: single heart-shaped Mylar balloons or bouquets of sweet Mylar flowers? Make up your mind!
  • Mardi Gras balloons: use balloons to create columns, garlands, arches, and panels to decorate this great holiday.
  • St. Patrick's Day balloons: few high-quality happy holiday balloons in the shape of a clover or a couple of green Mylar round-shaped balloons?
  • Easter Mylar and foil balloons: order cute balloons in a shape of an Easter bunny, chicken, or colorful Easter eggs. Don't forget about the colorful Mylar balloon banner!
  • Graduation balloons: kill two birds with one stone with these letters and numbers balloons — decorate the room and congratulate the graduate!
  • Mother's day balloons and Father's day balloons: make mom and dad happy by buying them these cute bright balloons with touching inscriptions!
  • Patriotic balloons: have you ever seen the amazing shiny Mylar balloons with the flags and crests printed on them? Then go, order holiday foil balloons and enjoy!
  • Canada Day balloons: long garlands and majestic arches of white and red balloons, with maple leaf printed on them, will help make any home look more... Canadian!
  • Halloween Mylar balloons: it's so easy to get lost among this huge variety of shiny Mylar pumpkins and witches, skulls and bones, black cats and bats!
  • Thanksgiving balloons: we have lots of beautiful balloons to celebrate Thanksgiving — decorate your house with these Mylar pumpkins, pointed hats, and turkeys!
  • Hanukkah balloons: Mylar Hanukkiah, Shammash, Dreidel and Maccabees? That’s a good idea!
  • Christmas Mylar balloons: huge candy canes, Santa and his reindeer, inflatable Christmas wreaths, and snowmen that never melt — this is the best Christmas ever!
  • New Year Mylar balloons: choose shiny holiday helium balloons in the form of letters and numbers and make congrats garlands, or order cute balloons of black, white, gold, and silver colors and make the most trendy New Year's decorations!

Buy holiday balloons at online store

There’s still so much to do to get ready for the party! Gifts, foods, drinks, cutlery, phone calls, festive outfit... Oh, but what about the balloon decorations?!

Oh, thank God they’re at hand! On Balloons Online, you can find the highest-quality balloons of all types, shapes, sizes, and colors, various balloon accessories you may need, and ideas for ready-made designer balloon decorations that will save your time!

You can order either retail or wholesale balloons to celebrate any event at the lowest possible price!

Enjoy ordering goods on Balloons Online: we’ve got everything you need to make the holiday unique and unforgettable!

The colors of happiness

Using balloons and your imagination, in just a few hours you will be able to create decorations that your guests will never forget!

Buy holiday balloons of all existing types, various accessories, and get inspiration for ready-made decorations on Balloons Online at the most festive prices!
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