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Valentine's Mylar and Foil Balloons

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Romantic atmosphere, rose petals, scattered everywhere, fresh flowers, candies — this is Valentine's Day as we know it! In Japan, people give sweets as a present, in France — jewelry, Danish lovers send each other dried white flowers...

But there’s one thing that remains unchanged on this day in all corners of the world — and this is Valentine balloons decoration, which transforms any interior and brings an inspiring atmosphere of joy and love to any home!

Balloons - great solution for Valentine's day party

Firstly, bright Mylar Valentine balloons in the shape of a heart or with a printed design are a great gift. Today you can order balloons of various shapes, sizes, and colors; also, you can combine them as you wish to achieve a stunning effect!

Secondly, balloons are a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your house. They allow you to quickly create huge compositions that look great, especially if designed with fresh flowers and other decors.

And most importantly, such a gift or party decoration will last a very long time: foil Valentine balloons are known for their durability! If you want to find the most impressive selection of foil balloons, then choose and buy high-quality, but cheap valentine balloons on Balloons Online!

What balloons to buy on Valentine's day?

Valentine's Day is the most important holiday for all couples in love. On this day, everyone is busy with surprising their soul mates and expressing their deep feelings.

You can always express your feelings in words, but it’s always a great idea to add some bright Valentine foil balloons to your love confession!

Heart-shaped Mylar balloons

These balloons are one of the best ways to tell someone you like them. Don’t limit yourself by choosing only red balloons: white hearts look extremely tender, and gold, silver, or black balloons — unusually stylish! Of course, you can always choose a multi-colored heart-shaped balloon (for example, the polka-dot design)!

Animal foil balloons

Cats and dogs, teddy bears and birds — we bet you know what animals are your beloved’s favorites! By the way, these balloons are perfect as Valentine balloons for kids! Combine them with other foil and latex balloons to create a stunning backdrop for your photo zone and make a decent photo report of your Valentine's Day!

Mylar balloons with inscriptions

These balloons are extremely popular today: you can choose from the widest options available, or order a unique inscription (including the color, location, size, and font — prices for these services are quite affordable).

Depending on the situation and your preferences, you can choose a touching or funny inscription or congratulation.

Foil balloon flowers

These balloons look pretty cute, aren’t they? It’s a great idea to mix these flowers with other types of balloons or order a huge “bouquet”! Choose what your loved one likes: classic roses or touching daisies, cheerful daisies or romantic peonies… Remember: such a gift costs much less than fresh flowers!

How to use love Mylar balloon for decoration?

Foil balloons look better than regular latex balloons ‘cause they shine so bright! But anyway, you can combine Mylar and latex balloons, creating bundles or large balloon compositions for decorating walls, ceilings, photo zones, front entrances, and so on!

If you are going to decorate the room with foil balloons, order Valentine's balloons wholesale ‘cause it’s much cheaper!

Foil balloon garlands

Buying balloons in bulk and combining latex and Mylar can create amazing balloon garlands! They will look a little different than regular latex balloon garlands: using foil balloons, you can create interesting accents in your composition.

Mylar balloon arches

What could be better than a beautiful arch built for your beloved? Then, make them a grand surprise! Mylar balloons in the form of hearts, flowers, numbers, and letters will add zest to your arch design!

Foil balloon bundles

Even though this is the simplest idea, the bundles of Mylar balloons look very stylish and festive! Combine balloons of different colors, sizes, and shapes, and be sure to add hearts to your bundle!

Photozone decoration

Everyone loves to take photos... Especially in front of a stunning background! You can create such a backdrop in just an hour or so using latex and Mylar balls, fresh flowers and greenery, ribbons and tassels, as well as decorative draperies.

Buy Valentine's balloons at online store

Looking for a place to find all kinds of high-quality happy Valentine day balloons at the best price? Search no more, ‘cause you’re in the right place! Balloons Online offers you balloons by the best brands such as Anagram, Sempertex, Convergram, Hi-Float, and others. Also, we can offer you all kinds of balloon accessories directly from the wholesaler at wholesale pricing to allow you to focus on planning your celebration!

Happiest Valentine’s Day ever!

Using balloons, you can make unique and symbolic surprises for your loved ones on Valentine's Day. You can make them absolutely happy if you manage to beautifully decorate the bed and the floor, the walls, and the ceiling with heart-shaped balloons!

Buy these delicate and pleasant gifts on Balloons Online: you won’t find such a large selection anywhere else. Ordering Valentine balloons in bulk will allow you to arrange your holiday at the lowest cost!
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