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It’s good when you can create stunning DIY decorations for someone you love on their birthday… That is why letter balloons gold color products are so popular nowadays!

Actually, you can feel the desire to express your feelings to someone anytime. Therefore, quality foil balloon letters are relevant for a variety of holidays such as weddings, grad and bachelorette parties, baby showers, gender reveal celebrations, anniversaries, religious holidays, and big store openings!

Such balls help not only to decorate balloon arches, garlands, banners, columns, walls, and photo backdrops but also give your decorations a special meaning, add your unique message, add a personal touch to them — and people always appreciate that!

How to use gold balloons letters in decor?

  1. Create breathtaking wall décor. Create a heartfelt congratulation message from Mylar letters, attach it to the wall, and decorate the inscription with a bright LED garland to make your wishes look even more festive.
  2. Use the letters as a cool prop for a breathtaking photoshoot. Hang a beautiful bright fabric on the wall (the type of fabric should match the theme of the party — for example, opt for red velvet for a 1920s-style celebration). Then, install a large life-size box with gold or silver letters and numbers attached to it, as well as bright latex items in front of your backdrop.
  3. Decorate various party areas with fun, shiny names. Use both letters of the same color and items of different shades. This idea will instantly draw the attention of those present and allow them to navigate your party venue.
  4. Create stunning wedding cortege decor. Make some romantic words from letters and use them along with flowers, greenery, colorful ribbons, and pompoms to create eye-catching compositions. Here's another awesome idea: attach gold or silver balloon lettering to the grille of your vintage Rolls-Royce or Mercedes!

We have a large assortment

If you’re wondering where to buy gold letter balloons, then at Balloons Online, you can always easily find high-quality foil items from leading manufacturers such as Anagram and Convergram.

The sizes of 14”, 16” and 34” are available. You can shop balloons choosing from air-only or helium-quality balloons.

Use our thought-out filters to easily and quickly find the exact products you need by various parameters! We’ve got all the letters you need to express your feelings to the people you love!

Buy gold letter balloons at Balloons Online

We sell gold foil letter balloons bulk and at retail, meeting the needs of both professional decorators and people who just want to have a nice party! It means that you always have various purchase options.

Regular promotions, bonus programs, and hot deals will help you save even more on your party preparations!

What is the price of gold letter Mylar balloons?

Gold letter balloons price varies depending on size, brand, and the price policy of the store where you buy inflatables. At our store, you can always get branded quality balloons at the lowest price!

For example, you can order a small 14" Gold Letter “I” for just $0.77, while a large 34" Gold Letter “A” will cost you only $2.94!