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Metallic balloons

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Want something special to decorate your big party? Then, you should opt for air-filled or helium metallic balloons!

Metallic balloons are considered to be one of the most popular options among all the existing balloon décor elements. Amazing mother-of-pearl shine gives them a special elegant and luxurious look. These shiny inflatables are made using a special formulation of a latex blend that retains a beautiful metallic hue when inflated.

Metallic items are available in a huge number of various designs in colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can arm yourself for any type of decorations and any upcoming celebration!

These balloonss look magical, and they can instantly add festive vibes to your party decor. Bright and colorful color combinations of shiny inflatables will make your day unforgettable, help surprise your guests, and create a stunning gift to remember!

By the way, they are known for their good weather-resistant features that allow you to safely use them indoors and outdoors, at any time of year.

Decorate the party with metallic balloons

Metallic helium balloons are a universal solution that is perfect for decorating almost any celebration and creating all kinds of decorative compositions. It could be:

  1. Festive hall decorations — decorate premises with stunning balloon walls, nixing various types of balloons.
  2. Bouquets — metallic balloons are perfect for creating stunning airy balloon compositions.
  3. Creating luxurious decorations for weddings, business presentations, and anniversaries — such balloons look elegant and presentable.
  4. Metallic balls with LED lights look advantageous at the evening parties. You can also apply various inscriptions on them, thereby making the balls perfect branding tools or preparing them for creating decorations for theme parties.
  5. Such items are ideal for making colorful arches, compositions in the form of stars and hearts, and for creating fountains. To decorate a small room, you can simply fill these inflatables with helium and let them float under the ceiling — this will help visually enlarge the space and make the interior look airy!

We have a large assortment

We offer you the largest choice of metallic balloons online — find the items you need in a couple of minutes using filters to choose products by multiple parameters:

  1. Color: select from more than 35 trendy colors, from Aquamarine to Berry Red.
  2. Size: get items of various sizes, from small 5” to large 38” items.
  3. Theme: discover more than 15 themes to choose from.
  4. Filling: opt for helium or pick up air-filled items.
  5. Shape: choose from almost 10 different shapes, including Stars and Crescent inflatables.
  6. Material: shop latex, Mylar, and Foil balloons.

How and where to buy metallic balloons?

In our store, we do our best to offer the best loyal purchase terms to our customers. Today, you can buy high-quality branded metallic balloons wholesale or at retail at a lower cost.

Stop asking Google the same questions like “metallic balloons near me” — we’ve got everything you need for your glorious party!

What is the metallic balloons price?

At Balloons Online store, we offer you a decent choice of metallic balloons for sale at the most affordable price on the Web. Here, you can order 09" Anagram Hearts for only $0.43, 18" Stars for $0.64, or 18" Circle Flats for just $0.50!