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Sing-A-Tune Balloons

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Have you ever seen singing balloons? Well, modern inventions are being integrated into party decorations as well. We used to think that an automatic inflator was cool. But how about inflatables that sing songs and funny tunes?

Impress guests with original decor with singing balloons

Being a sci-fi host doesn't take too much now. All you need to do is know where to purchase modern-day party decorations. The Balloons Online store is one of the places where you can shop for incredibly high-quality singing helium balloons for your parties and other kinds of celebrations.

Advantages of Sing-A-Tune balloons for parties

Such products are an incredible idea for a list of reasons. Here are some of the main perks of Sing-A-Tune inflatables you don't want to miss:

These are great for children's parties

Kids love singing toys because they are highly interactive and amusing. If you want to have a party where adults can enjoy the evening while wining and dining, entertain your kids with music toys. Children will be charmed by colorful balls with familiar characters that sing their favorite songs. Singing along will entertain them for the evening.

They are a great party trick

Balloons are a decoration everyone expects to see at the party venue. However, not every guest expects to run over a singing inflatable toy. If you want to prank your friends or congratulate a boss with a quirky song, it is a perfect idea. Everyone will be delighted to see such a fun gig at the party.

You don't need a specific occasion to purchase

Whether it's a dating anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, or a promotion party – a Sing-A-Tune balloon would be the life of any party! Balloons Online has a range of inflatables with funny and quirky songs and theme tunes from famous movies and cartoons. They also have songs for any type of occasion, including Happy Birthday singing balloons.

An impressive range of Happy Birthday items

Let's be honest; anniversary celebrations are occasions where singing Happy Birthday balloons would be the most desirable decoration. You can choose and shape and theme and make the design highly customizable.

How to use singing balloons for celebrations

Sing-A-Tune inflatables are easy to purchase and use during a party. Here is what you want to do:

Choose a perfect design

Your designing process starts online, where you choose a perfect match from the list of incredible variations. Each page has a description of a material, color, and song you can play and see whether you like a chosen tune. If you do, proceed with the next step.

Order and pay

When you order inflatables, provide shipping information and choose a comfortable payment method to complete a purchase.

Receive your order

You can get the order shipped right to your doorstep. You will receive the packaging in the shortest terms possible (they come not inflated.)


You can inflate them with helium or air, both manually and with the help of an inflator.


The magic begins when you tap an inflated item. It starts to sing a catchy tune and completes a full cycle (14-15 seconds).

Where to buy Sing-A-Tune Balloons?

Balloons Online is a store with the biggest choice of music items for every taste and occasion, from singing Birthday balloons to love songs and toddler nursery toys. You can get these inflatables at competitive wholesale and retail prices.

Music balls are an incredible way of spicing up a party and creating a unique mood during a holiday celebration. Purchase these innovative decorations at Balloons online to see how easy it is to become the most memorable host!

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