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Pastel Matte balloons

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Pastel balloons matte is a relative novelty in the world of party decor, which is widely used today for decorating weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and the first birthdays of a boy or girl, creating stunning photo zones for various photoshoots. They are equally good for creating arches, garlands, balloon walls, bouquets and columns.

Pastel matte inflatables stand out from traditional ones due to the following features:

  1. opaque surface
  2. lack of characteristic latex luster
  3. color saturation
  4. big selection of shades

Matte balloons are tacitly considered more luxurious decor items than regular shiny ones due to their characteristic beautiful velvet finish.

Decorate the party with matte pastel balloons

If you decide to create a romantic atmosphere, then you can buy heart-shaped balloons. They look astounding. Opt for a balloon arch for your memorable wedding ceremony: you can make a DIY one, combining balls with fresh flowers, greenery, and ribbons.

Use pastel matte helium balloons for stunning ceiling decor in your living room. This is the easiest and fastest way to decorate a room for the holiday; if done right, such decoration can turn the interior into a magical place somewhere in a fairy-tale world. Also, you can beautifully decorate the table and chairs by tying several helium balloons into a bundle (the so-called fountains) and attaching them to the furniture.

You can use air-filled balls for creating photo zones, garlands, or columns, or simply scatter them on the floor. This will put everyone in a playful mood, especially your kids!

Using balloons of different colors, you can make stunning realistic flowers. If you need to decorate a huge wall, then making a fascinating balloon wall is a good way to go!

We have a large assortment

Balloons Online store offers you a huge selection of matte pastel color balloons: in our collection, you can find lots of trendy solutions for any celebration! Using numerous filters, you can choose items by all possible parameters:

Color. We have collected products of the most popular colors such as Blue, Gold, Green, Lilac, Pink, Rainbow, and Yellow, as well as popular Clear balloons.

  1. Size. Choose from small 5” inflatables to large 42” items.
  2. Type. We offer you ordinary balls or items of interesting shape on sticks.
  3. Material. Find a great variety of latex, Mylar and Foil balloons.
  4. Shape. Get classic, round, star, curve, crescent, or heart-shaped items in one place.
  5. Filling. Both air-filled and helium inflatables are always available.
  6. Theme. Shop animals, baby, birthday, mother and many other themes.

Order pastel-colored balloons wholesale at Balloons Online

In our store, you can order balloons both wholesale and at retail, which allows you to buy some balloons at a much lower cost than you are used to! We offer a whole new way of pre-party shipping and we honestly believe that high-quality balloons should be affordable!

What is the price of pastel matte balloons?

In our store, the price for branded high-quality matte balloons ranges from $0.43 to $2.29. These are the best offers for products by famous manufacturers such as Anagram, Sempertex, Convergram, Hi-Float and many more — we’re offering only premium-quality branded balloons!