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Mardi Gras Mylar and Foil Balloons

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Mardi Gras is one of the most grandiose and colorful carnivals in the world. The celebration of Mardi Gras is not complete without decorations and attributes in the form of Venetian masks, crowns, led garlands, colorful beads, fedoras, tin coins, and tiaras.

Of course, when decorating your house, you can (and you should!) use Mardi Gras balloons (there are certain holiday colors and symbols), banners, streamers, and dangling swirls to make an awesome party!

Use foil balloons for Mardi Gras celebration

Foil balloons are known as super-quality products. They have several main advantages:

  • unique, mirror-like appearance;
  • a huge selection of colors, shapes, and sizes;
  • high durability;
  • long life and reusability;
  • hypoallergenic and health safety features;
  • ease of printing on the balloon surface.

If you decide to use them to decorate a party to celebrate a great holiday (for example, create a beautiful Mardi Gras balloon centerpiece), it’s a good idea to pick up the purple, gold, and green balloons — these are the official colors of the holiday. Buy smarter: order Mardi Gras Mylar balloons of the highest quality on Balloon Online at the lowest prices on the Web!

What balloons to order on Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a celebration of life in full swing, and colorful outfits emphasize its variety. The Venetian tradition of wearing golden masks and large bright feathers attracted the attention of people from all around the planet. Of course, the Mardi Gras holiday also has other fascinating symbols like “Fleur de Lis”, or a star.

The symbols of the holiday were used to create custom Mylar balloons, as colorful and cheerful as the holiday itself.


Mardi Gras masks are a special type of masks symbolizing the holiday; they were originally made out of fabric, cardboard, clay, or tin. Mardi Gras color balloons in the form of the mask are one of the most popular options. For example, you can order a round Mylar balloon of deep blue color (just like a starry sky) with a purple “Mardi Gras!” headline, an image of a masquerade mask, and colorful designs in the background!

Fleur de Lis

“Fleur de Lis” is a stylized emblem with heraldic ornaments. French kings have long used it as a symbol of their sovereignty. Today, such gold or silver designs of the sparkling Mardi Gras foil balloons look just amazing!


The star is another symbol of the Mardi Gras holiday, since these elements were often present in the design of coats of arms, in the elements of the interior of royal palaces, in heraldic signs, state and military symbols. Shiny balloons in the form of stars will immediately bring a festive touch to the atmosphere of your party and will perfectly fit into any balloon composition.

SuperShape Mardi Gras Frames

Typically, these Supershape balloons are quite larger than regular ones; also, they can have the print on both sides. By the way, there are three subspecies of such balloons:

  • UltraShapes with many sides and angles;
  • Multi-balloon: several balloons, connected together, with multiple solid shape and print;
  • Jumbo balloons have a large size and, typically, a star or round shape.

Mardi Gras balloon ideas and décor

Foil balloons themselves look great; however, this does not mean that you can’t use them to create amazing balloon compositions!

By buying them in bulk, you can save money and create beautiful shiny centerpieces, decorate the festive table, ceiling, and walls, the entrance of your house, build majestic arches, and hang colorful sparkling garlands!

Foil balloon compositions

Make fascinating compositions from foil balloons and hang them from the ceiling with the help of hanging threads. They can be of different lengths so that you will easily get a three-dimensional effect. This decoration looks great on suspended and multi-level ceilings!


How many times did you create beautiful arches from usual latex balloons? Well, then you should know one thing: the foil balloon arch looks completely different! Creating it is not much more difficult than making an arch from latex balloons, while the effect is simply amazing!

Compositions from Mardi Gras symbols

You can order Mardi Gras symbols and make fascinating patterns from them. For example, take four Fleur de Lis balloons, four hearts balloons, and a one-star balloon, fasten them together and create a combined heraldic symbol and decorate a wall with it!

Balloon columns

Foil balloon columns always look amazing: using balloons of different shapes, you can create unique pillars — tapering and expanding, with smooth edges - or with sharp faces, etc.

Buy Mardi Gras balloons at a store online

Wandering around the Web, you’ve probably been lost and confused with the offers of online stores. That’s it: foil balloons are incredibly popular today! Balloons Online store brings you all the best products collected in one place on our website. Here, you will find all existing types of Mardi Gras balloons, cheap balloon accessories, and amazing ideas for ready-made designer balloon decorations at the best possible price.

Every balloon that you’ll find here is a high-quality standard since all products are presented by the famous and most trusted brands like Sempertex, Anagram, Convergram, Hi-Float, and others.

Make your party sparkle!

Bright colors, unusual shapes, and the shine of foil balloons will instantly draw the attention of your guests and make them feel that the holiday has started! And don't get confused by the fact that the foil balloon costs a bit more than the latex balloon: on Balloons Online, you can buy the highest-quality branded Mardi Gras balloons wholesale!
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