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36" Fashion Pink (2pcs)

Product Code : 108643

Latex Type: None


EnvironmentalSempertex Balloons are 100% biodegradable. They are made of pure 100% natural rubber latex. No fillers, extenders, plasticizers or any cost reducing agents are used. Sempertex products are all ISO and TUV certified.ComfortA soft modulus and proper moisture allows a generous elongation that together with a good tensile strength reduces strong friction. This provides maximum comfort for long decorating events and artists.QualityExcellent helium or air retention due to a high-tech and sophisticated molecular cross-link which builds a high quality barrier, reducing contained gas permeability. Low bursting levels due to a great elasticity of the rubber film. Long Helium Floatation or Air Inflated = Long Lasting Decors
Colour: Pink
Size: 36"
Theme: Non-Print
Brand: Sempertex
Material: Latex
Helium Balloon Quality
Shape: Large
Colour Type: Fashion
Helium Gas Capacity: 8 ft3
SAP Code: 20006685
Colour Code: 009
Package Quantity: 2
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