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Balloon Accessories

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Balloon accessories for your best event

Once you've got everything set up to create the most stunning decor for your party, it's time to start thinking about what kind of balloon decoration accessories and supplies you might need!

Accessories make it much easier to create decorations, there are numerous tools for inflating balls faster and stuffing them easier, tying them together and fixing on various surfaces, beautifully decorating your party arrangements, and even making them last longer! This will save you both time and effort, help you achieve the perfect results, and turn your party preparations into pure pleasure!

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Which accessories will you need to create a party?

We bet you know that any beautiful party decoration consists not only of balloons. For example, if you want to make some helium centerpieces, you will need helium balloon accessories such as weights.

To create a beautiful hanging arrangement of air-filled items (for example, a garland, or an arch, or a wall), you will need accessories, too.

Balloon weights

Weights are small devices that help hold helium decoration elements in position. For example, small weights will hold up to 3 small balls, medium weights — up to 10 of them, and large weights can hold as many as 20 decoration elements.

In addition, branded weights look very nice and festive, complementing the style of your decor!

Curling ribbon

A beautiful curling ribbon helps to fix your decoration — garlands, fountains, centerpieces, greeting inflatable letter background, etc. Also/ you can use them for gift wrapping. The main thing is to choose ribbons that perfectly match your decorations!

Pumps and tools

As you may have guessed, pumps are needed to quickly and easily inflate balls. Also, you will make your party preparations much easier having such balloon tools as:

  • poles and rods for balloon arches;
  • cutters;
  • heat sealers;
  • holders;
  • frames;
  • balloon sizers;
  • sticks;
  • stickers.

Buying any type of accessory wholesale means that it costs much less!

Hi-float balloon treatment

Hi-Float is a special polymer substance that helps to significantly increase the flying time of helium items. For example, the flying time of a 12" ball without a Hi-Float is 10-12 hours, but with Hi-Float treatment, the time increases to 3 days and even several weeks!

Stuffer machine

This is one of the most popular balloon filling accessories today, allowing you to quickly and conveniently create stuffed inflatables and balloon-wrapped gift baskets! The machine has a transparent dome that gives you 360 degrees of visibility. Also, we have included an inflator hose in the set to make your job easier!

Complement the celebration on your own!

The wide choice of balloons accessories equipment allows you to create cool decorations with your own hands, which will help you create a fabulous celebration atmosphere, surprise your guests and make your party decorations truly unique, just like no other!

Just check the instructions, use your imagination and you’ll get your exclusive Instagram photos guaranteed!

How to buy Accessories and tools on Balloons Online?

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Balloon party accessories for all tastes

Make your party preparations a lot easier and your decorations truly unique with the quality accessories that we offer today!