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Mylar & Foil Balloons

Wholesale Mylar Foil Balloons

When it comes to birthday balloons, you cant go wrong with Mylar and foil balloons. While you might think that Mylar and foil balloons are different types, they are in fact materials used for making the same balloon. Shiny helium balloons have a plastic layer known as Mylar. They are also coated with a thin layer of aluminum, which is the foil. Therefore, Mylar and foil balloons are simply different components of the same balloon. Whether shopping for birthday balloons, character balloons, get well balloons, large letter shape balloons, geometric-shaped balloons, or some other special occasion balloons, Mylar and foil balloons are an excellent choice. One benefit of using these balloons for a childs birthday party is the fact that they are extremely durable. Although smaller balloons can be filled with air, these wholesale Mylar and foil balloons can also be filled with helium. If outside temperatures are cool, the balloons may deflate slightly, but once brought back inside a warm environment, they quickly regain their shape. Best of all, they last a long time, allowing children to continue playing with them well after the party is over. Another benefit is that these Mylar and foil balloons come in many fun colors, designs, shapes, and sizes, perfect for any childs birthday party. Whether looking for standard birthday balloons with more traditional colors, designs, birthday greetings, or specialty products, including balloons in the shape of a bear, birthday cake with candles, present, pirate ship, and much more. Balloons Online is proud to present a host of exciting birthday balloons that are sure to make every childs day extra special.