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Mylar & Foil Balloons

Mylar vs. foil balloons: is there any difference?

Of course, Mylar foil balloons differ from usual metal ones. How? Mylar balloons are often made in different shades and forms for kids and themed house parties. They are made with transparent plastics that contain zero metal. These balloons often have no reflecting properties. Therefore, they are great for different designs.

On the other hand, foil balloons have a metallic component; that’s why we see a beautiful foil reflection. These are often used at parties with lights and stroboscopes because once they reflect off the surface, the whole room lights up.

Go to Balloons online to see our incredible assortment of balloons for different occasions. A vast shade range will sure surprise you. Additionally, you have to see all of those finishes for a fantastic visual effect.

Why you need to buy foil balloons for a celebration

Foil mylar balloons are great for all kinds of parties and celebrations because they come in all shapes and forms. Foil balloons are an excellent substitution for plain inflatable toys. If you are tired of thinking how to decorate a themed party room, you don’t need to worry anymore.

You would need to purchase any of these items just because:

  1. Wholesale Mylar balloons come in all shapes and forms. These babies come in a vast range of colors and themes, including super heroes and inspirational quotes. You choose the occasion – we help you with ideas to decorate the dwelling! Mylar balloons are an incredible party decoration because they are a statement, maintain overall aesthetics, and don’t take too much space.
  2. They are a cheap alternative to party decorations. Wholesale mylar foil balloons are not as expensive as a reindeer statue or a flowery arch. They don’t take too much space. You can’t bump into balloons and injure yourself. That’s why attentive parents always choose lightweight inflatable toys instead of bulky decorations. After a party, you can carefully deflate them. Additionally, these balloons are made of foil, so popping them won’t scare your guests.
  3. Mylar balloons are highly customizable. While it’s hard to inflate latex balloons without getting an image distorted, foil balloons have a precise print. The image on these balloons looks crispy clear and bright. Additionally, you can purchase any shape, such as ponies or spaceships, and they will remain perfectly intact even after long games and tossing around the house. Finally, you can inflate these with air or helium.

Chose any shape for any occasion

Supershape balloons

These come in all shapes and sizes. A teddy bear, cactus, rainbow, castles, donuts – you name it. All of these balloons are high quality and colorful. They have a perfect shine and reflect the light because of their metallic components. You can never go wrong with Mylar balloons when throwing a themed house party. Balloons online have inflatable decorations for every taste.


A perfect sphere is what you need for an unusual party. Here you can opt for perfectly round balloons that looks like pool balls. They come in different shades and colors and prints for every occasion. Some of them include anniversary dates – perfect for birthday boys and girls!

Balloon Phrases

Want to make a statement or say the words you don’t dare to pronounce in real life? This category includes balloons shaped like words and phrases. Balloons Online is one of the most competitive foil balloons wholesalers in North America with the widest range of holiday products.

Balloon Bouquets

These are a great alternative to old-fashioned bouquets when you want to impress a party host. These are very popular because they include holiday, fantasy, birthday, wedding, baby shower, and party packs for all ages and occasions.

Airwalkers balloons

Airwalkers are human-height balloons you inflate with air or helium. They are an excellent substitute for toys and even children’s party entertainers. Additionally, these toys are sturdy enough not to pop when kids actively play with them.

Number balloons

It’s an excellent choice to bring to a birthday celebration. If you need to throw an anniversary party, these will come in handy. And if you need many foil balloons, wholesale is an available option. Perfect for corporate events and big parties.

Decorative shapes balloons

Hearts balloons, airloons balloons, sing-a-tune balloons, orbz & ultrashapes balloons, letter ballons, junior shape balloons, figurine ballons, decorative orbz ballons, gift-n-flate inflatable picture frames and standart balloons – we have it all! If you need to create a starry night theme or Valentine’s day romance – these shapes will help you create a perfect atmosphere and set the mood.

Balloons online - reliable foil balloons wholesaler

Where to buy Mylar balloons? Balloons Online store presents you with a vast choice of balloons from different categories and appropriate for any occasion. They will be a party delight for you and your guests. Carefully sorted by shapes and colors, you will spend no time searching for a perfect piece of decoration.

Additionally, our store offers competitive wholesale and retail prices, so be sure not to miss the opportunity to buy them!

Buy foil balloons, latex balloons and holiday balloons at Balloons Online and see how a plain party can turn into a fantastic castle with a help of few touches. We will help you make a choice you will never regret!