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Confetti and glitter are must-have attributes of any party. These shiny pieces always make the atmosphere festive and are associated with happiness and fun. You can use confetti at all sorts of events, such as graduate parties, weddings, baby showers, homecoming, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays – everything can be topped with sparkles. Confetti just makes everything better, and that's a fact!

Balloons Online presents customers with an insane assortment of metallic and paper confetti of different shapes and sizes, colors, and finishes. Our store is the best helper with last-minute party decisions and the ultimate glitter provider. 

Which types of confetti you can buy:

If you consider buying confetti for parties and official events, Balloons Online is at your service, presenting a wide range of confetti, wholesale, and retail. These are the most popular ones:

Dot Metallic

Small metallic reflective confetti is perfect for stacking them inside a balloon, loading a confetti shooter for a college campus party, and putting inside a gift box. 

Baby Confetti (Assorted)

Baby confetti is a cute mix of multi-colored pastel shiny teddy bears, baby pins, milk bottles, rocking horses, baby rattles, and storks. 

Glitter Confetti in Jar

Glitter confetti is small shiny speckles made for surprise parties and weddings. 

Dot Paper 

Dot confetti made of paper is a sustainable product with less metallic shine but is safe and non-abrasive. 

Shred Paper 

Shred paper is a classic way to pack your presents into a box or a gift bag.


This confetti is a balloon-shaped decoration that comes in different colors. 

Crumbs Confetti

Crumbs confetti comes in jars and is made for surprise parties or baby showers. 


These are the cutest multi-colored items shaped like stars. 

What is the best confetti for balloons?

Metallic 0.8oz confetti is the best for balloons. Bigger confetti should be a perfect selection because it looks beautiful inside of your inflatable. Moreover, you should use metallic sparkles as they easily stick to the inside of a balloon. The best way to decorate the inflatable would be choosing a see-through latex toy and shimmer confetti with a high reflective value. If you want to purchase balloons in bulk, buy confetti at a wholesale price for a great deal. 

How to put confetti in balloons?

Put a clear balloon over the neck of a funnel and use a spoon to place confetti inside of your balloon. Inflate the latex toy as you normally would. 

Where can I buy confetti?

You can purchase confetti for sale at Balloons Online. Selecting your goods at an online store saves time and provides you with a precise depiction of a chosen item. 

How to order confetti in bulk on Balloons Online?

Balloons Online is a professional party supply store that ensures a wide selection of balloons, confetti, and other décor essentials. Here, you can buy items at a reasonable price, both retail and wholesale. We provide a large assortment of goods for any occasion and every taste.