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Latex Balloons

Wholesale Latex Balloons

If you want high-impact decor, consider latex balloons. Balloons made of latex are more affordable than other types. Therefore, if you have an event that requires a large number of balloons, you get more for your money. These wholesale latex balloons can be filled with air, or helium to make them float. 11 latex balloons will typically float for 8 to 12 hours. To extend the float time of your balloons for up to a week, consider using the Hi-Float treatment which can be found in our Accessories category. Balloons Online also carries specialty products, including heart-shaped latex balloons, twisting latex balloons and Link-O-Loons latex balloons. The Twisting latex balloons include fun and exciting prints like polka dot and jungle, which are ideal for childrens birthday parties and making balloon animals. These wholesale latex balloons also come in many bright colors. They all come packaged in bags of 50, and sizes of 160, 260, 360, and 660. The Link-O-Loons latex balloons also come in various colors and prints. These also come in bags of 50. You can choose between 6-inch and 12-inch. Link-O-Loons has a neck and a tail at the opposite end of the balloons. This makes tying the balloons together easy. You can fill them with helium to make an arch, or fill them with air and hang them from the ceiling. We take pride in providing customers with unique colors and designs perfect for a birthday party, retirement party, going away party, anniversary party, pool party, and many more. All of the wholesale latex balloons that we offer at Balloons Online are Sempertex brand balloons. Sempertex balloons are the highest quality latex balloon in the world. Browse using the navigation at the top of the page to see all of our wholesale latex balloons and other products.