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Latex Balloons

A variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, combined with a wide choice of products with printed images and text makes latex balloons irreplaceable — we would even say a quite expected element of decoration for festive events!

Impress guests with incredible décor

Just imagine: such simple things as latex balloons will help you transform any interior and open area! Using balloons, you can create wonderful compositions such as arches, garlands, bouquets, columns, figures. So get creative, and make small or huge balloon masterpieces that fit any celebration concept!

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Advantages of latex balloons for parties

Somehow, balloons bring us back to the carefree time of childhood. This is probably why people of different temperaments and ages love them! Latex balloons are perfect for decorating parties because they have some crucial advantages over other types of balloons.


Latex balloons give a very pleasant tactile sensation, they are flexible and durable, which allows you to use them to create graceful designs of different shapes.

Wide range of colors and shades

Color is probably the most important factor when choosing balloons because the combination of colors creates a certain mood, and the palette should correspond to the concept of the event and the preferences of the guest of honor.

Today, you can easily order balloons of the most extraordinary trendy shades like Metallic, Pearl Blue, Fashion Black, Chocolate, Coral, etc. Buying latex balloons in bulk cheap will allow you to create a fabulous palette for your event.

Wide range of balloon shapes

The shape of the balloons is also of great importance for creating mood, attracting attention to your decorations, and creating designs from air-filled or latex helium balloons: classic round balloons of different sizes (from tiny minis to huge ones), link-o-loons (balloons with two tails), punch-balls, twisting balloons, specialty-shaped balloons (hearts, stars, animals, etc.).


Safety is important not only when you think about the impact on the environment, but also because your loved ones (especially babies and people prone to allergic reactions) will inflate and touch the balloons. Quality retail or wholesale latex balloons are made from natural latex, a natural, fully biodegradable material that is extracted from the resin of rubber trees.

Durability and minimum scrap rate

We bet you won’t like it if your balloons will inflate badly or in the middle of the celebration! This is what always happens to cheap latex balloons. Therefore, choose products from trusted manufacturers! Where to buy latex balloons of the highest quality? Choose products from trusted manufacturers from Italy, Mexico, Colombia, and the USA. Or just order balloons on Balloons Online: we have only high-quality branded balloons from Anagram, Sempertex, Convergram, Kaleidoscope, Hi-Float, and other famous vendors.


Latex balloons are considered the simplest ones and are cheaper than others: for example, a latex balloon costs much less than a Mylar balloon. Therefore, if you need a lot of balloons for decoration, you will be very pleased with latex balloons wholesale prices in the Balloons Online web store!

We offer a wide range of latex balloons in bulk and at retail

Balloons Online store brings you the most impressive selection of latex balloons from reliable manufacturers: we gathered all existing product categories in one convenient place on our website:

  1. Round balloons of all colors and sizes.
  2. Large balloons: Sempertex balloons will let you take your decorating to a whole new level. Find an almost endless choice of colors, patterns, and finishes.
  3. Twisting balloons: these cheap latex balloons in bulk will add zest to your balloon decorations or help you to connect different elements together. They are so flexible and durable that they can create almost any shape.
  4. Link-O-Loons will allow you to create arches, garlands, pillars, walls, or sculptures much faster and easier.
  5. Heart-shaped balloons are a perfect choice for birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, wedding, anniversary, and many other holidays. Specialty shaped balloons: caterpillars, bear or mouse heads, ducks — what are your favorites?
  6. Small packs of balloons: find thousands of colors and styles to add grand decor to your party!

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How to use latex balloons for your parties:

  1. create a stunning arch;
  2. make beautiful colorful garlands;
  3. make balloon pillars;
  4. use them separately or make balloon bouquets;
  5. use them to decorate your festive table;
  6. create a stunning photo booth;
  7. make a wonderful balloon wall.

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We, more than anyone else, know how difficult it can be to plan the Perfect Event!

But no matter what dreams you are going to make come true, Balloons Online will help you to purchase exceptionally high-quality balloons, save a lot of time, find all the necessary items for your party decorations, and buy it all at competitive wholesale and retail prices.

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Hand-made miracles

Bulk latex balloons wholesale prices will allow you to purchase a lot more balloons with the same budget! This means that your stunning decorations will definitely attract the attention of your guests and impress them!

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