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Balloon size chart


It is quite difficult for a newbie to figure out the wide selection of balloon sizes and understand exactly what size balloons one needs for a party — there are so many of them!

Also, you should know that the sizes of inflatables of various types (for example, Mylar balloon sizes or twisting balloon sizes) can differ — and this can get you absolutely confused!

If you want to clearly understand the balloon size chart and to know what exact items you need to create a certain décor, as well as find all existing balloon sizes in one place, then you should check out our online store!

We have a wide choice of balloon sizes

At Balloons Online, you can find every single size of balloons (from 4” to 60”) you may need for creating various party decorations. Let's consider some of them:

  1. The smallest balloon sizes (in inches) are 4” and 5”, which are about the size of an orange. They are often used to create letters, numbers, flower bouquets, and figures, as well as fill large surprise balls. BTW, they are too small to float when filled with helium.
  2. 9” items are well suited for ceiling decorations, they are often used to create larger bouquets, and are perfect for making table centerpieces.
  3. 10”, 11” and 12” inflatables are one of the most popular. They often help to decorate the ceiling and make arches, hearts, frames, garlands, and life-size figures.
  4. 27” items are used to make surprise balloons, which can burst with lots of small balloons, confetti, feathers, and gifts when they pop.
  5. 30” balloons are perfect for decorating large premises, as well as for applying various prints and patterns.
  6. 27” items are used as separate decorations, adding bright accents to the interior or beautifying the photo backdrops.

On our site, you can quickly and easily find Mylar or latex balloon sizes you need using convenient filters — enjoy your convenient shopping with us!

Balloons of different sizes are great party decor

The variety of balloon sizes has had a positive impact on the field of aero design. It helps designers to constantly come up with new types of decorations, and makes it possible to create even more diverse décor, to add volume and depth to compositions, to additionally decorate them and make them truly stand out!

You can choose the optimal size of balls to create the table, floor, wall, and ceiling decorations to make them look just like you imagined!


Latex balloons are the most popular and affordable, so you can find them in almost any toy, gift, and souvenir store.

The most popular and beloved types of latex items are pastel, chrome, mother-of-pearl, and crystal.

Also, confetti balloons (transparent latex balls filled with colored confetti), marble inflatables (items with the amazing patterns reminiscent of those of semi-precious stones), and fashion balls (they have a deeper and more saturated color and mirror shine, which makes them look very impressive) are quite popular today.

Check out our balloon sizes chart to find out all the sizes you may need!


Shiny Mylar balloons are more expensive than latex balloons for a couple of reasons:

  1. higher quality;
  2. characteristic metallic luster;
  3. variety of shapes (heart, circle, square, star, crescent, triangle, special shape, etc.) and colors;
  4. longer float time (due to the structure of the material);
  5. quality of the print that can be applied to them.


You should be aware that you can fill latex and foil mini balloons only with air — they are too small to float.

In any other case, if you need your balloons to stay inflated for as long as possible, you should opt for air! Helium, due to its physical properties, will gradually seep through the balloon walls, while air does not have such property (at least, it happens much slower).

Decor ideas with balloons of different sizes

Create a colorful garland: for this, you can use different balloon sizes from 9" to 24". Remember that you need to choose a suitable color scheme and use items of several shades.

Opt for a balloon arch — such structures look very solemn and beautiful! You can easily make a DIY arch: just stock up on 60 5” balloons, 34 9” items, or 25 12” inflatables.

Launch helium balloons up to the ceiling! To make such decor look harmonious, you should take the size of the room and the size of the items you will use into consideration. On average, you will need from 4 to 6 13” items per square meter of the ceiling to create an eye-catching decor.

Buy balloons of various sizes

At our store, you can always quickly find the greatest choice of balloons of all types, sizes, shades, and shapes, presented by world-famous manufacturers such as Anagram, Sempertex, Convergram, Hi-Float, Gemar, Qualatex, Neotex, BSA, and ULL balloons.

Thus, the unparalleled quality is guaranteed and you can be sure that your party decor is in good hands! With all this, the prices in our store are much lower than those in the market.

Another good news is that here you can always buy items wholesale and at retail!


What are the most popular balloon sizes?

The most common sizes of round balloons are 5”, 24” and 36”. Smaller balls are not so noticeable, while the larger ones attract too much attention to themselves, distracting from the overall composition.

How is balloon size measured?

You can easily measure a latex balloon with a ruler: inflate the item and measure the distance between two of its sides. Foil balloons are measured uninflated by the largest size, either by the width or the height.