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Air Fill Balloons

Air-filled balloons: beautiful and affordable

Balloons Online website is here to bring you the best of the best from the world of balloons!

Our store offers the widest assortment of air filled balloons of all existing types, available both wholesale and at retail. Being an exclusive Sempertex distributor, world’s most authoritative party supplies manufacturer, we also offer Anagram, Convergram, and Hi-Float products.

Providing the most advanced balloon navigation and ordering platform, we allow you to find everything you need for creating your stunning decorations in one place. Do yourself a favor and buy air-filled balloons from Balloons Online at the best prices on the Web!

Advantages of the air-filled balloons

Today, colorful foil balls have become an indispensable attribute of celebrations. Such decorations create festive vibes and bring delight. And a creative approach will help you to make your event special and memorable!

Wide selection of designs

Balloons can be classic round and drop-shaped, elongated, they can have various unique shapes like hearts, stars, crescents, flowers, figures of characters, and animals.

Numbers and letters, as well as whole inscriptions, deserve special attention, as they help to emphasize the importance of an event!

Various sizes

Standard foil item sizes are from 14" to 18". Foil balls of all sizes are perfect for a wide variety of purposes, from using them in games to creating decorations like arches, garlands, columns, walls, photo zones, and more.

Great choice of colors

There are so many color variations available today that you can go beyond the traditional color scheme! Such unique colors as Metallic Teal, Midnight Blue, Pearl Blue, Metallic Burgundy, Fashion Black will make your event decoration special!

Different themes

The theme is exactly the factor that you should rely on when choosing decor for a specific thematic event. Favorite cartoon and comic book characters, animals, insects, funny gnomes, fruits — all this make a child’s fantasies come to life, making him happy!

Which types of Air Filled Balloons can I order?

It's always nice to buy something cheaper... Especially if it's bright, beautiful foil balls!

But there is another benefit: if you order air filled foil balloons at the lowest price, you will be able to buy a lot more different kinds of items and create mind-blowing décor for your party, use some of the inflatables for active games (contests, volleyball, darts), make a beautiful gift wrapping, etc.!

Buy quality party goods in bulk at a lower cost from Balloons Online and have an extraordinary celebration!

Letters air-filled foil balloons

Do you want to beautifully express your feelings, write the name of your loved one in bright colors, and draw the guests' attention to the guest of honor? That's exactly what foil letters were invented for!

Air-filled numbers

Numbers allow you to highlight the age of the birthday person, which is very important for the birthday person himself and his parents and friends.

Balloons on sticks

Hearts, stars, crescents, flowers, clouds will help you get really creative with your decorations!

Self sealing balloons

Self-sealing balls start to delight you so much faster than other types of foil products, as they inflate due to a chemical reaction inside the ball, which starts as soon as you press hard on its surface.

Themed foil balloons

Planning your kid's birthday party, you should pay attention to foil inflatables in the form of unicorns, babies, teddy bears, Mickey Mouse, ice cream cones, clowns, snowflakes, soccer balls, smiley faces, and even flags of different countries!

Which types of balloons may be filled with air?

Air can be used to inflate both classic latex and foil/Mylar items.

Those products inflated with air retain their shape longer and do not deflate fast, since air seeps through the ball’s walls more slowly than helium. Moreover, you can easily inflate them with air using a simple pump!

How and where can I buy air filled balloons?

On Balloons Online, you can find all existing types of balloons — latex, Mylar and foil, themed holiday goods, and all types of licensed products.

Keep in mind that you can buy helium or air filled balloons wholesale or at retail prices and significantly reduce costs. Order all kinds of balloons on our website and make your air filled balloon décor more versatile!

A colorful attribute of any holiday

Inflatable balls are associated with a holiday, a party, smiles, gifts, and a fun pastime. Therefore, no event is complete without these bright colorful products, which are perfect both as a pleasant gift and for decorating your celebration!