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Link-O-Loons Latex Balloons

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What are Link-O-Loons balloons used for?

Inflatables linked by an elongated opening are called Link-O-Loons. They have become popular a few years ago, and remain the best party trick at weddings and different types of corporate events. They seem perfect for decorations, as well as fun elements at a party, family gathering, premise, or performance.

These inflatables are perfect for building a shape and bending in any desired direction. Because these are so flexible, there should be no problem attaching them to any furniture surface or making them sturdy enough to maintain shape in a standalone mode.

How to use Link-O-Loons?

A single Link-O-Loon looks like a usual inflatable one would see at any festive event. The only major difference is that it has two openings meant for linking different pieces. The easiest way of using these items would be single-handedly inflating each decorative piece and selecting a shade range, ensuring matching the interior. When the step is done, this is where the magic happens. Once the client has a bunch of individual inflatables, these items get tied in a knot, forming a link. This link can be as long or as short as you want. These inflatables can be filled with air, helium, or even water. Inflatables filled with helium should stand like a pillar.

What to make with Link-O-Loon balloons?

Creating whimsical shapes using link balloons is a form of art. Because these remain so versatile, there is no limit to decorators' creativity. The inflatables can be bent into any form and replicate almost anything, starting with fun animals and finishing with geometric shapes. These are the main projects quick link balloons are good for:


Arches remain something linked inflatables have been known for. Because the shaping process is seamless and quick, decorators can create dozens of feet worth of inflatables which can be further formed into arches, wildly used at weddings and birthday parties. These are also great at children's playtime events and even sports competitions. Finally, arches are used by salespeople and decorators at the store opening events.


Garlands are another popular category. If a client chooses to inflate their latex decorations using air and not helium, they can easily create long strands of inflatables that look like a garland. These may combine dozens of colors resembling Christmas lights or form whimsical patterns, mostly used for Christmas parties. Additionally, garlands are popular at weddings and hen parties.


Who said you can’t form linked inflatables into figures? Whether clients build 2D or 3D images using our goods, they always look incredible. Shaped as hearts and Christmas trees, one can make inflatables resemble any shape. Using helium in their projects, decorators can create 3D models of animals and objects.


Walls lined with latex decorations are mostly used for party photo zones and at festive dinners. These seem great because inflatables may create long links, enough to cover four walls of one room within an instant.

Create impossible with Balloons Online

Our store opens up creative genius in most clients in Canada, even those who have never worked with air décor. Because of the Link-O-Loons balloons online store, thousands of customers reveal their immaculate decorator skills by proving the impossible. Yes, linked inflatables withstand bad weather and physical pressure without breaking the tie and deflating. Because of their structure, even if one balloon gets deflated, the rest of the construction remains intact.

With our store, clients get competitive Link-O-Loons wholesale and retail prices and the widest shade range, perfect for ant taste. Are you still looking for a perfect way of decorating the dwelling? This is the perfect chance!

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