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Latex Balloons By Color

Choose any color for any design decision

Selecting design decisions may be a difficult task for beginner decorators or someone who doesn't exactly know what they are going for. But with Balloons Online, clients are safe because the store offers an incredible shade range applicable in almost any design. Now decorators don't have to run around the town seeking the most perfect purple shade to match the curtains. Our store offers more than any color balloons possible in Canada. Now you can get an incredible choice in terms of finishes and textures to ensure an amazing visual effect.

Incredible surface effects of colored balloons

Of course, selecting a shade range is not enough when it concerns successful air decor. One thing decorators particularly seek is the finish. What are the materials used in the project? Since some interior designs require matte balloons, and others look good as a glossy surface, our store completely understands every client's desire.


Satin inflatables are essential items at our store. Why do these goods present themselves as the most popular purchase? Satin solid color balloons ensure a silky finish, perfect at corporate events and weddings. These are neither too glossy, nor matte, or metallic. Consequently, this golden mean is the absolute classic among professional decorators who prefer safe choices.


Metallic colorful balloons represent all the fun at the party. Once the lights hit these goods, the whole premise looks incredible, shining disco lights and a good mood guaranteed. The metallic finish is the second most popular choice among decorators, especially at evening events and birthdays. Every party requires additional fun items, and these decorations come in handy every time.


Fashion balloon colors ensure a deepened shade range for very specific projects. When decorators have the task of matching the inflatables exactly to the furniture color, this is when they shop, selecting a specific shade in mind, from magenta to mint green. The store has more in store, presenting whimsical colors such as forest green, eucalyptus, lime green, mustard, coral, rosewood, navy blue, and many more.

Pastel matte

Among different color balloons, a matte finish seems the most delicate out of all categories. Because they look gentle and classy, decorators select this category when working on corporate events such as weddings, birthdays, gender reveal parties, hen parties, and baby showers.


Reflex latex balloon colors ensure a shiny finish, almost glowing in the dark because of the high reflective value. These are wildly popular at high school parties, adult events, and discos.


Crystal finish is almost see-through, ensuring a weightless, mostly used at daytime events. These include baby showers, gender reveal parties, weddings, and other beautiful occasions where the dainty atmosphere prevails. Additionally, the weightlessness and see-through finishes are perfect in decorating inflatables with gifts or notes.


Neon solid color latex balloons scream fun times and loud celebrations. Because of great saturation and glossy finish, decorators adore these items and frequently use them at parties.

Create fashionable decor with Balloons Online

Our store offers the widest range of inflatables for competitive wholesale and retail prices, meant for cheering up any client who opts for surprising their guests. The shade range is one of the biggest accolades of our store, ensuring a 100% hit and complete customer need’s satisfaction. From now on, fashionable décor is only a matter of time because, with a thought-through category list, a client can skip spending endless hours seeking an applicable shade.

Are you still hesitant? Visit our online shop, and get your needs met. We care about every client and will provide the best service possible, from providing attention when selecting items to shipping.

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