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Basic Colors

When it comes to balloons, different colors are probably one of the main factors why people choose these or those items. By the way, buying bright colored balloons today is not an easy task, since there is an enormous choice of colors available at the stores — sometimes, you can’t even decide what items you like most!

Naturally, the colors of inflatables you choose depend on many factors, such as the type and theme of the party, personal preferences of the birthday boy/groom and bride/graduate/mom-to-be, etc. Also, choosing the right tone combinations is very important for your party decor.

Let's plunge into the colorful world of balloons and see what colors are the most popular today, how to decorate your celebration in the best way, and where to buy high-quality inflatables with rich color!

Decorate the party with colorful balloons!

There are tons of cool décor ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing and take advantage of the rich palette available today!

Let's consider some of them:

  1. Arch: this grandiose decoration will be the most noticeable party centerpiece, especially if you use balloons of different sizes and colors to create it.
  2. Garland: buy color balloons and create the simplest yet very beautiful decoration with the smallest number of supplies needed.
    Bouquets: combine different colors and shades, sizes, types, and shapes of balloons to achieve a wow effect.
  3. Balloon wall: this décor may require more balloons than your casual centerpieces. But believe us — it looks amazing! Using certain colors and the right shades, you can create unique congratulations and even images.
  4. Columns: these stunning décor elements are suitable for any occasion and always add sophistication and elegance to your decor. Usually, 2 or 3 different colors are enough for creating eye-catching pillars.

Make a combination of colored balloons

Experienced designers know how to choose colors that affect the mood in a certain way, and how to combine them. For example:

  1. White + Silver + Black: a sophisticated combination for a more formal celebration. Also, it will be a perfect gift for a serious and stylish person.
  2. Blue + Silver: two cool, aristocratic shades suitable for stylish engagement parties, weddings, corporate celebrations, and gender reveal festivities.
  3. Pink + Blue: one of the trendiest classic combos, suitable for many types of celebrations, including birthdays with gentle décor ideas, gender reveal parties, festivities by the sea, and hen parties.
  4. Pink + Gold: at first, this combination was a bold experiment, but now, it is loved by many and is widely used at birthdays (including children's) and anniversaries, weddings, grad festivities, and themed parties.

Focus on the balloon color chart for the best results when experimenting with various tone combos.

What is the most popular color of balloons?

Choosing from all color balloons, pay attention to these trendy combinations:

  1. Tiffany (Soft Turquoise shade, suitable for sophisticated women)
  2. Ultraviolet (bright and soft tones of Purple will favorably decorate both an official celebration and a friends’ party)
  3. Various shades of Brown — Warm Red-Brown and Rich Chocolate
  4. Red-orange Cherry (perfect choice for a romantic holiday)
  5. Gentle and Romantic Lavender and a slightly bolder Purple Crocus (will also be appropriate for decorating a wedding hall)
  6. Bright Emerald with Rich Greenery (for self-confident individuals)
  7. Acid-bright Lime shade (will add a good mood and sun even on a winter day)

Buy balloons by color retail and wholesale

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Where to buy solid color balloons?

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What is the cost of solid color balloons?

The prices for such items depend on many factors such as size, manufacturer, store promotions, and your bonus points. However, we can assure you that only in our store, you can always buy CHEAP solid color balloons from such famous manufacturers as Anagram, Convergram, HiFLoat, Gemar, Qualatex, and many others!