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Twisting Latex Balloons

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Inflatable figures are made by people who are referred to as curlers. Twisting is the art of creating shapes, using special modeling inflatables into almost any given shape. In twisting, all kinds of balloon compositions are possible, from animal figures or toys to balloon buildings. What are the best balloons for twisting? Where to buy twisting balloons? We are going to answer these questions and lots of others right here and right now.

Great solution for decor and fun

Artists that use inflatables create their crafts in different places. They can often be seen in popular children's restaurants, birthday parties and fairs. Watching them work is just as fun as playing with their finished creations. Our employees work hard on creating the best long twisting inflatables and figures out of these products.

Some balloon decorators practice twisting a single balloon. They create their crafts from one inflatable. Others enjoy modeling balloon compositions and use many inflatables to create more complex designs.

Advanced balloon artists have developed various types of special techniques for creating intricate balloon sculptures. Like any art, balloon modeling is limited only by the artist's imagination!

If you want to try rolling inflatables, you will need special modeling products. They were developed as a separate category for aero design. They also come in special sizes that make them easier to transform into different shapes.

So where did it all start?

Nobody knows for sure. Some historians speculate that the art may have started with Herman Bonnert of Scranton, Pennsylvania, who is believed by some to have begun rolling inflatables into animal figurines at magician gatherings in the late 1930s. Others believe that the ancient Aztecs may have been the first balloon decorators. Of course, they didn't have the kind of products that exist today. They created their own inflatables from the dried and inflated bubbles of dead animals. An abomination of course! I would hate to burst one of them!

We know all of the secrets of professional twisting of inflatables and we can not only provide you with the top-quality balloons, but also various twisting balloons supplies. So, if you are interested in buying long latex balloons for affordable prices – give us a call, we are going to provide you with only the top-quality balloons!

Where to use long twisting balloons

Are you looking for twisting balloons for wholesale? WE can offer a large variety of them. Twisted balloons will become irreplaceable for you in designs, because they have a number of advantages, the main of which are:

1. very easy and quick to create figures;
2. they have a large palette of colors;
3. no fishing line or tape is required to work with linking;
4. due to the excellent weaving method, a small discrepancy in size is not critical (it is not scary if one twist is slightly smaller than the other, it will not be as noticeable as in garlands of round balloons);
5. you can add balloons to a garland;
6. compositions from twisted inflatables are often lighter and therefore more mobile than compositions from round balloons;
7. no experience is required for simple compositions.

You can use them in all sorts of cases and for all sorts of occasions. For holidays, for birthdays, or just for the sake of surprising your loved ones.

Balloons Online provides all possible twisting balloons

Why do you love latex twisting balloons? We love balloons because they make kids' birthday parties fun and colorful, and they are by far the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to decorate an entire party space. Not to mention, they can be fun toys.

Balloons are especially popular, but creating designs on your own is quite a challenge. Imagine how much time you will save on party planning if you order balloons delivery from the online store, and the decorators will build any structure or figurine you want! That’s exactly what we can offer to you!

If you want the top-quality inflatable products – we can do it for you, excellent quality and cheap price! Just contact, tell us what you want, and we are going to do our best to make your holiday or any special occasion truly special, one to remember!

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