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15 Ideas for Bridal Shower Decoration

balloon decoration ideas for bridal shower

15 Ideas for Bridal Shower Decoration

Created on November 29, 2022

A bridal party is not only a fun wedding tradition for a girl but also a great excuse to see her close friends again, to have at least a little break from the pre-wedding preparations, relax, and get rid of stress. If you want to have this crucial event at the appropriate level, you should think in advance about an interesting scenario and the entourage. So, we suggest you get acquainted with some cool balloon decoration ideas for bridal shower! 

What Kind of Decorations Do You Need for a Bridal Shower?

Elegant bridal shower decoration ideas can be easily put into practice! Usually, the set includes the same accessories for bridesmaids and a separate version for the bride herself. All this, of course, is symbolic, but then it's great to look at photos of the event and remember how much fun it was.

Often the attributes of a bachelorette party can include:

  • the same T-shirts with different joking inscriptions on the subject of the wedding celebration or the change of status of the girl from a bachelorette to a bride;
  • a variety of hair accessories for the bachelorette party ― headbands, veils, bows, etc.;
  • a variety of masks and photo accessories in the form of cardboard glasses, mustaches, hats, etc., can be used;

Sometimes girls buy the same tulle skirt to emphasize again what kind of holiday girlfriends celebrate and to produce as much attention as possible.

Cute Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

The atmosphere of carelessness and unbridled fun will help to create not only the music ― do not forget to make your playlist with hits and new charts, but also appropriate "girly decor" ― all shades of pink, sequins, confetti, balloons, flowers and many other details dear to the heart of every girl. Finishing touches, without which any party will not do, become sweets and drinks ― their design should also be approached with imagination.

Balloon arch

The air arch of colored balloons can decorate for a bridal shower at a restaurant and become an original photo area. You can choose monochrome balloons with inscriptions, confetti, or different images. Do not be afraid to let your imagination run wild here!

Bridal shower banner

Who says that banners are long outdated? Bright banners with fun captions will delight the bride-to-be and all her guests. There is a huge selection of banners with various inscriptions on the internet, from sentimental to funny and even sarcastic.

Bridal shower table decorations

A beautiful table setting is a must. In the case of a banquet at a restaurant, it can be both crystal and porcelain to decorate a bridal shower table. Flowers, candles, and other beautiful accessories are also welcome—stickers on glasses and champagne bottles with funny inscriptions or pictures. Funny labels will add playfulness and create a cheerful mood.

easy bridal shower decoration ideas

Candy table

Colorful vases with candy will look pretty. But you can also add paper-colored flags with inscriptions, pictures of the bride and bridesmaids, letters from foil balloons with the bride's name, etc.

Dessert bar

Depending on the party's theme, the dessert bar can be decorated in many ways, from a delicate pink scheme with beads and confetti to a sophisticated Provençal. You can find a lot of easy bridal shower decoration ideas on your own. Beautiful cake, delicious cupcakes, and other sweet treats on stands and dishes will delight your guests.

Cake topper

The cake itself is already a holiday decoration. You can find themed cakes online or create your own sketch and order a tart from a confectioner. What do girls love as a topping? A variety of figures, such as the bride biting off the head of the groom, the naked man's torso, the inscriptions of volumetric letters, etc.

DIY bridal shower decoration ideas: photo props and frames

Online you can find bachelorette party photo booth props, crowns, signs with funny inscriptions, Venetian-style masks, etc. If you are good at drawing, you can make the props yourself.


Candles are an indispensable accessory for any holiday, and bridal parties are no exception. They give both romanticism and solemnity at the same time. Together with this, they add magic and fairy tale to the event. Colorful candles can become excellent decor ideas for bridal shower events.

Paper lanterns

Forget about those lanterns that you made at school from colored paper. Today, you can order or make your own colorful paper lanterns from corrugated paper, which will be a worthy decoration for your table, photo area, or candy bar.

 decor ideas for bridal shower

Helium balloon bouquets

You can make a special composition of shiny helium balloons to match your party's color, order ready-made, or combine the helium balloons with a foiled figure in the center. A foiled figure like a bottle of champagne, a ring, a heart, a star with an inscription, etc. are amazing bridal shower balloon decoration ideas.

Bridal shower gift tags

Usually, these are small cards with a floral design. On the card you can write in honor of whom the holiday is, the date, beautifully written, and leave a place for a signature from whom the gift is. Use twine or silk ribbon to attach the card conveniently.

Tassel garland

Tassel garlands can create a gorgeous photo zone background. Tassel garlands are great decoration ideas for bridal shower space (high ceilings in the hall). Tassel garlands for balloons as additional decor to balloons are especially popular. They look stunning in the design of a candy bar. Tassels can also decorate chairs in a cafe/restaurant.

Paper confetti

At award events, what better way to highlight the importance of the celebration than with bright confetti? It will help to emphasize the solemn moment and remember the joy of the deserved award. Sprinkle the confetti at important ceremonial moments by yourself manually, with the help of special crackers or cannons. The cannons blow the confetti at a great speed, which rises high in the air and swirls for a long time, falling down. It seems nice decoration for bridal shower ideas, doesn’t it?

Floral arrangements

Cute bouquets for each bachelorette party attendee as a floral compliment are just what you need! The bachelorette party flowers will also help decorate for a beach theme bridal shower. What can enliven a room more spectacularly than bouquets of fresh flowers?

Pink blush balloon

You can use balloons of this delicate color in air fountains, arches or as an addition to any other themed decoration. Balloons at the party are never superfluous.

Things You Need to Carry Out Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas at Home

You don't really need many things to decorate your party. In addition, you need to buy balloons, flowers (both natural and artificial), paper lanterns, candles, banners, and confetti for the bride and her guests. The list may vary depending on the scenario of your celebration. First, decide on a theme for your party, think about how you will decorate your venue, and write down everything else you need to decorate.

How to Decorate a Bridal Shower for Cheap?

Do it all yourself if you want to celebrate your party creatively and on a budget. First, you don't need to hire decorators. Check out tutorials online and learn how to make the decorations yourself. Second, you may look through ideas for bridal shower decoration online and order the necessary items in stock, or you can make something yourself if you know how and love handmade. In addition, you can entice your girlfriends to help you prepare, which will be faster and more effective.

Undoubtedly, the girl before the wedding is unlikely to have even a little time to entertain or think about extraneous activities. Therefore, it is best if bridesmaids take care of the bridal party. It will be both a pleasant surprise and a memory for years to come.

The main "golden rule" is a good mood. The format is not important. The menu does not matter. The budget is not important. Just one thing is important: a smiling heroine of the occasion and her willingness to experiment.