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15 Ideas for Brunch Party Decor

theme brunch party decoration ideas
Created on November 30, 2022

A celebration is a beautiful thing. Especially when it's a well-organized event, it's cool when professionals take on the job. But if you can't order the services of such professionals, then there's nothing else to do but organize the party yourself. Yes, there are a lot of worries, but if you approach it from the other side, such a case is an invaluable experience. Let's find out the best brunch decoration ideas!

Most Popular Brunch Parties

Of course, parties can be thrown for any occasion, but the most popular celebrations remain the following:

Birthday party

The wall with bright pictures of the birthday boy with his loved ones is considered one of the win-win brunch decor ideas. This way of decorating will be a pleasant surprise and warm memories. The photo can be a child's pictures or recent ones; decorating the photo with pleasant comments would be a nice idea. The wall will turn into a full-fledged photo area if you add simple helium and star-shaped balloons to images. And the guests will take beautiful pictures as a memento of the holiday.

Halloween brunch

The thematic colors of a holiday like Halloween are black and orange. Creating the appropriate atmosphere in advance is also worth stocking up on pumpkins, knives, and candles. Use your imagination decorating the hall as an old witch's house or a castle with ghosts. The appearance of the venue's staff is also essential. Create a frightening and mysterious atmosphere, corresponding to the traditions of Halloween, with special and carefully thought-out dress code for the staff and brunch party decor. Tricky carnival costumes, wigs, masks, and black outfits are not out of place.

Graduation brunch

When decorating the graduation party, opt for a particular color scheme ― it will look stylish. A classic black and white scheme or a bright one ― it's up to you to choose. You can decorate the room for the graduation party with paper garlands, balloons, and photos of graduates. Think about the place for the photo area. After all, everyone will want to leave pictures as a memento of the last night together.

Christmas brunch

The guests will be pleasantly surprised with spruce branches; braiding the mirror, hang Christmas tree decorations on them for a greater effect. New Year's greetings written in marker pen or red lipstick on the glass, festive towels, and candy in a small transparent vase could be attractive interior details and one of the excellent theme brunch party decoration ideas.
Engagement brunch

This may be an evening in the style of an oriental fairy tale, an unusual party on the beach with preservation of the restaurant table setting, an engagement party in a unique color palette, a dinner in nature decorated with flowers and candles, a classic romantic night in a luxury restaurant. A successful decorating move would be to decorate the event room with photos of the couple in love. These can be table centerpieces or images on balloons suspended on ribbons above the table, etc.

theme brunch party decoration ideas

What Are Some Good Table Brunch Party Decoration Ideas?

  • Brunch table decoration in a rustic style provides various decorations for the holiday table.
  • Special respect and a sign of attention for guests will be a nice gift in the form of a box with goodies, which can be put on each plate, with which the holiday table will be even more original.
  • Tie a bunch of balloons to a glittery ombré champagne bottle for an economical and unusual centerpiece.
  • Fill the balloons with helium to keep them in the air. Tie a festive ribbon to them, and tie a small balloon with water as a weighting agent. Arrange the balloons around the table. Use matte gold or metallic colors.
  • Low bouquets are a frequently used option for holiday table decorations. A clear vase can be just as attractive as the bouquet itself ― just use a spectacular filler like colored pebbles or thick lemon slices.

The Best Brunch Party Decoration Ideas

No matter what the occasion of your party is or what style you're celebrating, the ideas below can be organized to fit your particular occasion.

Printed menus

Sure your guests won't order like in a restaurant (if you're planning a party at home), but a simple brochure with a picture and a description of the dishes would be a pleasant and fresh way to serve your feast.

Decorative food labels

Small cards with inscriptions glued on a wooden stick and put near the dish will help the guests understand what is on the table and become one of the nicest brunch table decoration ideas.

Artful eggshells

This attribute can be used as decorations or an item for painting if you have competitions planned. If you make several large eggs, you can put a candle in the middle and use it as an Easter decoration.

Disposable tableware

If you don't want to ruin the party by washing the dishes, you can order beautiful tableware that can be disposed of at the end of the evening. What's more, you can choose Halloween or Christmas print tableware.

brunch decoration

Themed placemats

Such placemats will help you solve the problem of brunch decoration and become a thematic addition to disposable tableware. Rugs with inscriptions, dates, or any print can be ordered in any quantity online.

Table runners

If you are told that the tablecloths are old-fashioned, do not believe them! Today, a large number of tablecloths can bring a little comfort to your holiday. It can be something other than a themed tablecloth, and a neutral-colored tablecloth adds contrast.

Balloon garlands

You can order the garland from decorators or make your own by watching the tutorial online. In the first case, you will save time, and in the second ― money and nerves. After all, you have to try to make a good garland as brunch party decorations.

Drink party fountain

Have you decided what your guests will drink? Then, order a fountain with drinks. This can be a single fountain with one drink or a fountain from which 2 or 3 drinks flow. This chic fountain is still considered one of the stunning brunch table decor ideas.


Use classic candles to decorate the table or candles in glasses to decorate the venue. For a Christmas event, this could be a few candles in Christmas wreaths; for Halloween, you can choose black candles.

Balloon arch

Choose themed balloons for your party and create a gorgeous arch. By the way, not only can the arch be an entrance, but it can also be used as brunch party decor ideas for space above a table or a photo area. It all depends on your wishes!

Vintage buffet table

Recently, vintage fashion has seen its return. And if you have a vintage buffet table, then it can be a stylish decoration or a place for a candy bar. All you need to do is decorate it nicely ― pretty goodies, themed booths, etc.

Flower garlands

Large artificial flowers, which may turn into a big and strong garland, are mostly used for decorating venues. Fresh flowers are unsuitable because they can wilt without water by the end of the holiday and spoil the festive decoration.

Helium balloon bouquets

Bouquets of balloons are an excellent substitute for floral bouquets. Presentable bouquets start at 5 balloons. As an option, you can add confetti or pairs of foil balloons, depending on your celebration. Place several bouquets in the photo area or randomly around the room.


Fruit is a dessert or brunch decoration table setting. Just don't pile fruit in one vase in the center of the table. Check out the options for arranging fruit vases to make them look classy and organic.

Themed lights

Today, decorating the interior for various holidays has become much easier. You can find garlands with light bulbs in the shape of skulls for Halloween, Santa Claus for Chrismas, bride and groom for an engagement party, and many others. Or they can be standard lights from which you will create a themed figure and attach it to the wall.

The main things for a great party are nice people and a desire to have fun. But we shouldn't forget about "down-to-earth" things, about the guests' comfort and fresh brunch decorations ideas to implement. It's better to plan the party in advance to think of all the little things that make up the success.