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Best Decoration Ideas for a Masquerade Party

masquerade decorations ideas
Created on June 23, 2022

Have you been dreaming of throwing an amazing party for a long time, but had no idea what theme to choose? Planning a masquerade festivity will not only add special vibes to your celebration but also allow you to make this day truly unforgettable!

Mysterious masks and flowing silhouettes, candlelight and beautiful music... Such a festivity is always a chic design, fun, non-stop dancing and a special atmosphere of the Middle Ages because such amazing balls were extremely popular in that time.

Check out some of the stunning masquerade decorations ideas we’ve picked up for you!

What is a masquerade party?

Such parties make hearts beat faster since they appeared in the 16th century. Versatile costumes and masks helped people turn into someone else, and become genderless and ageless. Sometimes, they did not even speak at these parties so as not to break cover.

The masquerade ball symbolizes the dance of life, which parallels death. Once the dance is over, life is over: that’s why the dancing there was so exciting!

And even today, such festivities are extremely trendy! So, if you’re onboard, let's start planning the most beautiful party in your life and check out some of the best masquerade theme decoration ideas!

masquerade decorations ideas

How do you decorate for a masquerade party?

Drapery. Buy a few pieces of velvet to drape the walls of the "ballroom". Burgundy, dark green and dark blue fabrics will be a perfect choice.

Candles. Such a festivity requires a romantic, mysterious atmosphere. Turn off the bright lighting for the evening, and use side lights and beautifully decorated candles to the fullest.
Masks with feathers, rhinestones, or ribbons will be a great decoration for masquerade party: attach them to walls, tables, and front doors of your house.

Fairy lights. Unique LED garlands with paper elements such as flowers or butterflies will add charm, unusualness, and mystery to your evening.

Other decorations. Silver, gold, purple, and green balloons, serpentine and versatile LED garlands can also be used as stunning decor for your festive evening. Use flowers and greenery, as well as multi-colored ribbons for a fresh look.

Masquerade party table decorations

The first thing you think of when looking for brilliant masquerade party decoration ideas is glitter. Hang glittery garlands around the room (you can use tinsel), arrange confetti balloons in the most prominent places, and opt for gold cutlery.

Try making monochrome table decorations: fill glass vases with sparkling crystals and decorative pearls of one color or a combination of colors, place a few ostrich feathers (white, black and pink) in each vase and a thin flashlight or mini LED garland for illuminating your centerpiece!

Create DIY trees for your holiday table out of black dyed wire, and add some gold and silver chains to its branches.

Try to make the best use of masquerade ball decorations: use bundles of helium chrome gold, silver and black balloons on strings, tying them to the weights on the table.


For the dessert, you can serve cookies and cupcakes with mask toppers, strawberries, grapes, cakes decorated with chocolate lacy patterns, and, of course, a masquerade-themed cake!
Use the original idea of the old holiday for serving dishes: fill glittery paper ones with nuts, dried fruits and other loose snacks, and arrange treats on several levels, just like they did on medieval counters!


For drinks, serve cognac, red or white dry wines, and champagne. Decorate wine glasses, too: glue decorative masks to them, decorate them with ribbons and sparkles.
Don't forget to serve enough ice for the fizzy cider for those guests who decided to go alcohol-free.


Serve French beef medallions, seafood salad, and chicken fried with rosemary as appetizers. Have some hot French bread or crispy sesame seed buns to add to your meat dishes.

decoration for masquerade party

Masquerade party decoration ideas

Use beads, feathers, candles, and mirrors as the main elements of the masquerade party decorations. Well, trendy masks, as the main festive element, should also be everywhere! Hang themed posters with the views of ancient Venice and French balls on the walls, replicas of paintings by famous artists of that time, tapestries and candelabra.

Drape the walls of the room with burgundy, green, and blue fabrics, creating beautiful folds. LED garlands will perfectly complement the drapery decor.

Gold, silver, yellow, red, and blue balloons will also be a stunning idea of décor elements for a masquerade ball.


No matter what color palette you choose, the presence of masks in your decor will enhance the dramatic atmosphere needed for a celebration. Hang some carnival masks and attach them to objects (for example, to curtains), and decorate your table setting with them.

Choose the right colors for the masquerade party décor

The combination of black and white is a simple and elegant choice that you can easily implement in your flower arrangements, table, bar, photo zone and dance floor decorations.

Consider different color combinations for specific holiday themes. For example, if you chose a Mardi Gras party theme, use purple, gold, and green. If you decide to replicate the style of Marie Antoinette's court in your decor, then use combinations of candy pink and sky blue.


Subdued romantic lighting will help create that sense of drama and mystery that will make your party special. Use lots of low light points around your buffet, bar, and dance floor.
Candles in beautiful candlesticks, lanterns, LED lights or wall sconces will become amazing masquerade decor ideas that will help you create cozy lighting: it’s a stunning way to create a sense of mystery!

Include a Photo Booth

Find an empty wall in your interior, attach a shimmery background to it (for example, sequined fabric or gold ribbons), add colorful balls around the perimeter of the composition, think of good lighting and let people make memorable pictures using their phones!

masquerade theme decoration ideas

Masquerade themed decoration ideas

If you like the style of a traditional Venetian carnival, then you can use velvet drapery, feathers, glass décor and crystals. For example, you can use colored hanging beads and miniature trumpets as the main elements of your masquerade theme party decorations for a contemporary Mardi Gras theme.

Western party themes

The main feature of the southwestern style is bright saturated colors. Rich shades of terracotta, red brick, delicate salmon, eternal gold, and heavenly turquoise seem to be taken from the bewitching landscapes of South America.

Futuristic party themes

Asymmetry and metallic colors are the most striking components of the futuristic theme. You can apply asymmetry to drapery, furniture arrangement and décor centerpieces, and even make your party cake asymmetrical!

Futurism suggests a neutral-cold color scheme: opt for a black and white palette in your interior decor, and add some color accents.

Cocktail party themes

Several soft sofas, wicker furniture, and small chairs will help you create a comfortable place to relax during a party.

Use balloons, garlands, posters, streamers and flowers to decorate your hall. But if you want to create a solemn atmosphere, add some crystal glasses, monochrome tablecloths, discreet bouquets, and other unobtrusive décor elements.

Glam party themes

Glamorous masquerade party decor ideas will help you add even more drama to the atmosphere of your masquerade! Hang individual gold and silver balls or even arrangements from the ceiling: this will definitely make your guests look up and admire!

Attach transparent bubbles of different sizes to pieces of fishing line, and stretch them vertically from the floor to the ceiling — this decor will remind everyone of champagne bubbles and cheer them up!

Murder mystery party themes

Candles help create the perfect atmosphere of the old mansion where the mysterious murder took place! Make sure there are a few candles on each guest table to ensure the perfect, even, dimmed lighting throughout the room!

Mardi Gras

If you want to create an intricate multifaceted style for your party, we recommend that you choose a Mardi Gras theme!

Decorate your hall with the traditional festive colors of gold, purple, and green, and don't forget to encourage everyone around to wear beads and add sequins to their masks.

Don’t forget masquerade party invitations

The mask is the dominant symbol for any masquerade theme, so be sure to create this stylish element from cardboard and attach it to your invitation card!

For the front side of the postcard, use the Venetian boudoir design idea. You will need cardboard with the appropriate print — gold painting will be the best choice. Decorate the cover with a small flower bud and beautiful lace ribbons, then attach your decorative mask embellished with sequins to it.

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Best ideas for masquerade party decorations

Stunning Mardi Gras colors and costumes, sophisticated Venetian carnival, an aristocratic ball in Marie Antoinette's palace, a Victorian-themed operetta evening — all this is an inexhaustible storehouse of ideas for decorating your anniversary, prom, and even wedding party.

Try to skillfully combine ancient traditions and a modern approach to creating decorations — and you will have the best party of your life!