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Link-O-Loons Latex Balloons

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What are Link-O-Loons balloons like?

These creative balloons are nothing you are accustomed to. They are a fresh twist on usual latex balloons, but with an exception: you can create a link of balloons to decorate the dwelling. So why would you need Link-O-Loons? What are these exactly meant for?

You should buy these balloons at the Balloons Online store to see the difference! First of all, these babies are presented in a rich palette of colors to match any interior. Second, a link balloon is something utterly essential at a party. Why? Because you can hang them around the house just like decorative lights instead of scotch taping usual latex balloons to each other. They are easy to assemble, and it doesn’t mean the link should be only one color. Experiment to create multi-colored links of balloons.

Make your arches and figures with no extra effort

Why else do you need Link-O-Loons balloons? Because they are fun to decorate with! These babies can be attached to a wedding arch, decorative statues, and even furniture. You can tape the balloons to the walls and create a unique pattern. These inflatable decorations can be attached to curtains and entwined around a column.

The best thing about these balloons is that you can make them into whatever shape you want. For example, let’s say you have a Christmas party. Buy a bunch of green balloons and put them into a shape of a Christmas tree. Voila, here you have a creative wall decoration in no time. Inflating a Link-O-Loon is quicker and cheaper than ordering a bulky party decoration, like a wooden reindeer.

What else can I make with Link-O-Loons?

These small balloons can be built into every shape possible because of the flexible latex. Moreover, a conjoint string of balloons is easy to bend into any figure, making the decoration process more manageable and fun. For example, here is what you can create with a link of balloons:


Are you having Valentine’s day party for two? Don’t worry; you can never go wrong with two things: rose petals and hearts. But, if heart-shaped inflatables are too simple for your taste, create a custom shape with the help of linked balloons. These decorations will be perfect for a small house party that doesn’t require pompous installations. Moreover, creating a custom heart shape will bring much joy to your couple because any form of art unites people.


Are you throwing a party for a toddler or a pre-schooler? Link-O-Loons wholesale goods are made to help parents make a last-minute decorative touch. Create a shape of a bear by using brown or gold balloons. However, you can make a twist and create a fantastic bear shape with the help of pink, blue, yellow, and green balloons. Play around and see how much fun these can bring you.


Flowers are the easiest and the most rewarding shape. You can make them 3d or create a 2d pattern on the wall. Additionally, you can experiment with colors and shapes, add leaves and make the stem as long or as short as you wish.

Balloons Online is your joy supplier

We understand your desire to have a fun party with cost-effective decorations! That is why Balloons Online provides their customers with a catalog of holiday balloons for any taste and occasion. Our assortment of colors and shapes will impress any customer. Just to make the deal even sweeter, Balloons Online offers competitive Link-O-Loons wholesale and retail prices for small companies and big parties. We also have a lot of other types of balloons: Shop By Colour, Shop By Theme Latex Balloons, Round Latex Balloons, Large Latex Balloons, Twisting Latex Balloons, Heart-Shaped Latex Balloons, Specialty Shaped Latex Balloons, Small Packs of Latex Balloons, Shop All Latex Balloons and other balloons on Latex Balloons.

“Where can I buy Link-O-Loons?” you ask? Surf our store and check out the most fantastic list of items for all kinds of occasions! Your guests will be impressed by our quality and your incredible imagination, that’s for sure.