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Twisting Latex Balloons

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Colorful and durable, these latex twisting balloons have a distinctive elongated shape and are designed to create (or simply “twist”) figures of various shapes and create versatile, vibrant decor and gifts.

Long latex balloons are a perfect option for decorating a variety of special occasions. Aero Designers create the most complex compositions that attract the attention of both children and adults! Flowers, animals, colorful birds and butterflies, cartoon characters, funny little people... Do not limit your imagination, ‘cause you have to create a stunning party décor at all costs!

For both adult and kids' parties

Multi-colored creative items made of balloons for twisting can impress everyone. Such decorations not only help to create festive vibes; the very process of modeling captivates all the guests. Just imagine the miracle of creating new forms in front of an enthusiastic audience!

In addition to creating decor, you can use long skinny balloons to create holiday gifts (New Year, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, etc.) for your loved ones: this is an inexpensive and original gift that will always be appropriate for those who appreciate the imagination and creative things.

You just need to learn how to dexterously twist balloon figurines, memorize the rules of twisting, sequence of actions, and get creative! Buy long balloons wholesale and at retail in Balloons Online store at the best prices on the Web!

Use your fantasy and create latex twisting balloons figures

Long twisting balloons are perfect for creating various  figurines: they are easy to bend, twist, and can take almost any shape you want.

A wide range of colors and sizes allows you to create unique compositions. Also, keep in mind that working with shapes and colors develops imagination and model thinking, brings joy, and makes both children and adults smile.


Do you want to make a cool gift for a child or a girl, or maybe you have no idea what to give to your mom for Mother’s Day? Try to give your loved one a beautiful handmade balloon flower: we bet they will appreciate it!

The flower is one of the simplest balloon figures. To make it, you will need two balls of different colors (for making a stem and a bud).

Bouquet of flowers

Such colorful bouquets look stunning and very realistic (if, of course, you learn how to twist well). Moreover, a balloon flower bouquet lasts much longer than a bouquet of fresh flowers!


Using twisting animal balloons, you can create dogs, tiger cubs, goats, bears, giraffes, hares, ladybugs, butterflies, caterpillars, crabs, octopuses, crocodiles, clowns, snowmen, etc.

Make a lot of various figurines, decorate the walls and curtains with them and turn your child’s room into a Dreamland!

Fruits and vegetables

Bananas, eggplants, pineapples, raspberries, and other bright fruits and vegetables are the perfect choice for decorating the table and the whole room for a child's birthday. And if your party takes place in the garden, then you can use balloons fruits to decorate tree branches and bushes!

Use twisting balloons in large balloon compositions

In addition to creating eye-catching separate compositions from twisting balloons, you can always use them along with regular latex, Mylar, and other balloons in large compositions such as arches, garlands, columns, and photo zones. They are ideal for decorating existing compositions as they are easy to create small elements of various shapes.

Also, twisting balloons will come in handy when you need to combine large elements of your composition with each other.

Balloons Online provides all possible twisting balloons

Remember: the better the twisting balloons are, the easier it will be for you to make different figures out of them, and the longer they will last!

But where to buy twisting balloons, that will help you create stunning decor? To begin with, you need to be careful when choosing balloons so as not to buy low-quality products; also, pay attention to the manufacturer and the price. However, this can be a tough task for a beginner!

Planning your party, it’s a good idea to save some money and time, and order high-quality branded twisting balloons on Balloon Online website. We've gathered twisting balloons supplies of all possible colors and sizes for you: you’ll find here a huge choice of long balloons for sale available at competitive wholesale and retail price!

Branded twisting balloons

Remember that only high-quality twisting balloons will allow you to create beautiful figures and compositions that will please you and your guests and last longer!

Every detail is important here: the quality of the material, the thickness of the balloon walls, its elasticity, the ability to maintain its shape, and not to pop or deflate.

We offer only quality products of the world’s finest manufactures such as Sempertex, Anagram, Hi-Float Convergram, and other brands. Buy best balloons for twisting at Balloons Online both in bulk and at retail at the best price on the Web: Shop By Colour, Shop By Theme Latex Balloons, Round Latex Balloons, Large Latex Balloons, Link-O-Loons Latex Balloons, Heart-Shaped Latex Balloons, Specialty Shaped Latex Balloons, Small Packs of Latex Balloons, Shop All Latex Balloons and other balloons on Latex Balloons.