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Balloons are associated with fun, smiles, laughter, games, and an atmosphere of happiness. You can cheer up a person by simply giving him a balloon as a gift, while bright inflatable balloon decorations will make dozens of guests happy at your event!

The variety of colors, sizes, and shapes are truly amazing, and images and inscriptions printed on them will help you convey your message better than a thousand words!

If you are looking for the best place to buy all existing types of inflatables and related products on the best terms, check out our balloon store offerings!

Shop everything balloon-related at affordable wholesale prices!

  • The first thing we are proud of is the guaranteed quality of our products! We are an official distributor and supplier of world-famous manufacturers who have long earned the trust of their customers.
  • Another important advantage is a wide choice. Our store is the #1 chosen brand for professional artists and balloon decorators, as well as the best balloon supply store for every person who likes arranging amazing party decorations. Our team constantly monitors trends in the world of balloon décor, so we can offer you the hottest market novelties! A huge selection of colors and shades, versatile shapes, and sizes available on our balloons website will help every wholesale or retail buyer choose the best option.
  • You will be pleased by the optimal delivery time that we offer. We know how important it is for our B2B or B2C buyers to get their goods delivered on time, so this is our highest priority! Therefore, we offer the widest possible choice of dates and delivery methods, as well as the most affordable overnight express cost.
  • Also, we offer different options for purchasing goods: our customers can always order balloons in bulk (it’s a great option for companies, private entrepreneurs, or those who just love organizing big parties!), while the retail buyers can order an exact number of items they need! And, finally, the price. We offer products at the most affordable prices on the Web. Our website is the only place where you can easily find cheap balloons of the highest quality!

Best wholesale balloons supplier

Our store's offering combines a range of important benefits for B2B clients (decor agencies, private decorators, wedding organizations, or event agencies) — check them out:

  • helium balloons for sale wholesale;
  • the greatest choice of inflatables (any color/size/shape), as well as party accessories by world-class brands;
  • most affordable prices on the Web;
  • timely delivery.

Wholesale prices

The possibility to buy party supply balloons wholesale, along with the adequate prices allows our customers to save significant amounts of money, which they can spend on purchasing more items, necessary party accessories, or other things they need!

Loyalty program

Join our loyalty program and earn some reward points!

You can earn points for simple actions such as registering, reviewing items you've bought from our store, subscribing to our newsletter, and indicating the date of your birthday in your profile!

1 reward point equals $1, and they never expire. Allow yourself more with us!

The greatest supply of shapes and colors

The look and color are the most important qualities of any décor. That’s why we offer you almost 100 colors and 20 different color types, as well as tons of various design options for creating astounding balloon garlands, photo booths, arches, bouquets, and many more.

Best products from the top manufacturers

  • Anagram is the undisputed leader of the industry; the use of the latest technologies allows the company to produce foil products of any shape, design, and color.
  • Sempertex products are specially manufactured to resist long periods of storage under different conditions. 68 colors plus 14 standard tones are a key factor that fosters creativity!
  • Convergram is the World's largest metallic balls manufacturer that manages to fully satisfy its customers when it comes to product quality, designs, and service.
  • Hi-Float employees focus on the core values ​​of innovation, providing quality products and excellent customer service.

Our inventory is constantly growing, and we expect even more products until our choice becomes astronomical! Choose and buy balloons online with ease!

Regular discounts and special offers

Our store is constantly running promotions to clear out space for new products; there are literally thousands of bargain balloons available at 40% off, $0.30, and $0.90 deals.

If you’re looking where to buy high-quality products at the lowest price – search no more – and welcome to our store!

Assortment of our balloon store

Shopping is always a pleasure when you have something to choose from!

Search for the exact products you need by theme, color, shape, and size — use our smart search filters and save your time!

We have the opportunity to buy balloons of these colors: Agate, Aquamarine, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Blush, Brown, Burgundy, Caribbean Blue, Chocolate, Clear, Coffee, Copper, Coral, Dark Blue, Eucalyptus, Forest Green, Fuchsia, Gold, Goldenrod, Gray, Green, Holographic, Iridescent, Ivory, Jade, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Green, Lilac, Lime Green, Magenta, Midnight Blue, Mint Green, Mocha Brown, Mustard, Navy Blue, Olive green, Orange, Pale Blue, Peach, Peach Blush, Pearl, Periwinkle, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Raspberry, Red, Robin's Egg Blue, Rose, Rose Gold, Rosewood, Royal Blue, Sapphire Blue, Silver, Teal, Terracotta, Turquoise, Violet, White, White Sand, Yellow,

In our catalog, you will find 6 categories of latex inflatables, 9 groups of Mylar & Foil items, 10 categories of licensed wholesale balloons and holiday items, 5 blocks of air-fill products, inflatable frames, stuffer machines, and a great variety of accessories!

Mylar and foil balloons

Mylar and foil balloons are real “pearls” of your decor. Their bright shine immediately draws attention, helping you to decorate any holiday and occasion!

Dive into the world of quality branded Mylar & Foil items with us! In our catalog, you will find Airloonz, Airwalkers, Bouquets, Phrases, Decorative Orbz & Shapes, Junior Shape items, inflatable Letter & Number products.

Also, you can shop Mylar & Foil inflatables by theme and navigate between Aged Birthday, Animals, Back To School, Birthday, Baby, Characters, Congratulations, Flowers, Fall, Food, and other categories.

Latex balloons

Latex balloons are timeless decor classics! In our catalog, you will find bulk balloons of various sizes, colors, and surface effects — Round, Large, Twisting, Link-O-Loons, Heart-Shaped, and Specialty Shaped inflatables, that will help you to make your dream party come true!

Shop products by color and theme, or choose whole packs of items at the best prices!

Licensed balloons

These items will help you to liven up any children's party, add flavor to the atmosphere of the event and delight your kids!

Aladdin, Angry Birds, Avanti, The Avengers, The Backyardigans, Batman, Barbie, Beanie Boos, Black Panther, Blaze And The Monster Machines — order balloons online and create a real fairy tale for your kids at home!


We offer you all balloon accessories you may need when planning your party and arranging your amazing decorations: ribbon, weights, Hi-Float treatment, transport bags, cutters, sizers, and balloon pumps!

We are open for retail buyers as well!

If the assortment of our store is enough to provide the supplies for the companies, then retail buyers will certainly find here everything they need to create the most beautiful party in their life!

On our website, you will find balloons for sale of all existing types, both for cozy family parties and big celebrations! Enjoy the lowest prices on the Web!

Looking where to buy balloons? Welcome to!

Inflatables are the trendiest, fastest, and most inexpensive way to create amazing party decorations! Enjoy your hassle-free shopping experience — buy bulk balloons from our store!