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Round Latex Balloons

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In 1824, a lot of interesting things happened: the Braille writing system was discovered, the Portland Cement was patented, the Helix Nebula was revealed and, of course, latex balloons were invented!

It was the multi-colored latex round balloons that reminded people how easy and pleasant it is to enjoy simple things and smile for no particular reason! We've come a long way since then, and the balloons have found widespread use in the entertainment industry and became extremely popular.

They look terrific in any color!

When you see a lot of colorful balloons in front of you, it always gets you in the right mood, right? Of course, it does because if there are balloons, then there is a holiday, someone wants to make someone pleased, congratulate him and give him a gift. Balloons mean that this day is SPECIAL for someone! So it must be a great day!

Today, you can buy round balloons of every color of the rainbow, which helps to make the celebration truly unforgettable! And if you know how to combine colors, your party will definitely be the best!

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What are round latex balloons used for?

Balloons aren’t just pleasant presents; they are widely used to decorate parties and celebrations. People decorate the festive halls with both single round balloons and create whole bouquets and breathtaking compositions to surprise their guests!

These design masterpieces can combine latex, Mylar, twisting balloons, fresh flowers, ribbons, etc. There are some main types of such decorations, but you should understand that you can bring something new to each of them!


Monumental arches look very impressive and help create an emphasis on a specific area of an event or visually divide a space.

Typically, the huge arch can cost you a lot of money, because you need a lot of balloons to create it (plus, people often use Mylar balloons, and they cost much more than latex balloons, so you should buy them in bulk — it’s much cheaper). However, such a composition will become the centerpiece of your party decor!


Colorful balloon garlands can help you to decorate doors, windows, cornices, stair railings; you can even hang them between walls, ceiling lights, and trees in your backyard!


These vertical structures look very beautiful, bringing a feeling of "greatness" to the festive atmosphere. Usually, designers attach a beautiful round latex balloon or Mylar balloon to the top of the column, but sometimes they use a composition of twisting balloons instead.


These stunning balloon centerpieces can have a base, be decorated with flowers, and include various additional elements. Fountains can be floor-standing or decorate a festive table.


Such figures (fairy tale characters, cartoon heroes, cars, airplanes, palm trees, houses, etc.) are especially relevant for children's parties and can be both small and simply huge!


Balloon walls are a relatively new trend, and, if done in a tasteful way, such compositions look just gorgeous! You can form a certain pattern or inscription with balloons of certain color and size. Practice shows that a cool balloon wall always becomes a great photo zone!

Buy round balloons of the best quality at Balloons Online

You probably know that the quality of the balloons you use determines the way they will look and how long they will last. Factors such as the manufacturer, the price of the balloons, the quality of the material, the thickness of the balloon walls are of great importance. Of course, it is difficult for a beginner to find out which balloons are better.

We bet now you’re asking yourself “Where can I buy round balloons so that they are of high quality and not too expensive?”. Well, on Balloons Online you can order the best-quality round latex balloons bulk and retail from world-famous brands like Anagram, Sempertex, Convergram, Hi-Float, and other manufacturers. Moreover, our latex round balloons prices will pleasantly surprise you!

If you are interested in other types of balloons, then you’re welcome — we’ve got everything you need to throw a stunning party!

Get in a colorful mood!

Balloons give both kids and adults many positive emotions like fun, enthusiasm, joy, and laughter. Such decoration is equally perfect for an open area, a banquet hall, a shop, an office, or an apartment. And best of all: round balloons wholesale won't let you go broke!

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