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Large Latex Balloons

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A regular latex balloon will certainly make you smile. But admit it: the larger the balloon, the larger the smile!

Large latex balloons take your decorations to a whole new level. Now, your efforts to decorate the party won’t go unnoticed! With these giant balloons, you can easily create a unique background for your photo zone, add exclusivity to the atmosphere, and emphasize the concept of the celebration!

Perfect shapes and sizes for a festive decor

Monochrome, extra-large latex balloons made from natural latex are often used in decoration to create eye-catching figures and stunning decorative elements and have also proven themselves as an excellent advertising tool.

They can be used during sales, new product arrivals, to inform and attract potential customers. The color palette of such balloons is very impressive. Another piece of good news: you can print images, inscriptions, and company logos on them!

Large round latex balloons are a great option for decorating a wedding, a store opening, a children's birthday, or even As an extraordinary gift for a date!

Large balloons with tassels

One of the most popular decoration options for big round latex balloons is the tassel garland. Large balloons with colorful tassels look festive, gentle and elegant, and help to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere for your festive day!

You can decorate the balloons with a variety of garlands in the shape of hearts, foil chains, paper snowflakes, cardboard figurines, and beads, using a color scheme that suits the theme of the party best.


There is no better option for decorating a children's party than huge superhero figures or cute animals created from latex balloons of large size! Children love to play with such colorful figures and they will be able to create a bunch of cool memorable photos!


Just order a couple of big balloons and turn your photo session into great fun, making your shots extremely cool and emotional! There are so many options for decorating a photo zone with big balloons! For example, use several large balloons, add lots of smaller balloons (of different sizes) and create a colorful composition for getting amazing photos!

Outdoor decorations

For decorating a wedding or other outdoor event, try placing big latex balloons with weights separately around the place or create beautiful airy balloon compositions. Opt for balloons with led lights to make your evening party really memorable! By the way, you can launch your LED balloons into the sky at the end of the evening!

Table decorations

Large balloons always make great festive table decorations. Place just a few balloons above the tables, attaching them to the weights, and your decor is sure to grab attention! You can tie baskets with sweets to the balloons, use large clear latex balloons filled with confetti or feathers, and decorate them with fresh flowers to create even more exclusive decor.

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What’s the price for big latex balloons? You may think that if these balloons are so big, they cost a lot of money. Not at all! They’re just a bit more expensive than regular latex balloons. And if you buy large latex balloons in bulk, the price will be much lesser!

Choosing the right place to buy balloons can also help you cut your expenses and save even more! For example, buy large latex balloons wholesale or at retail on Balloons Online: we offer only high-quality products from trusted manufacturers at the most affordable prices on the Web.

A wide selection of balloons of all types and sizes will impress anyone and will allow you to prepare for any celebration!

BIG ideas for BIG celebrations

Over the past few years, there has been a significant leap forward in balloon decoration. Designers experiment with shapes and sizes, balloon filling, and color palette.

Huge balloons are a popular trend: they look luxurious and presentable, instantly attract attention, and only a few of them can form the basis of your event decor!

With the help of large balloons, you can launch various holiday items. At weddings, the newlyweds tie a heart, a bouquet, and a note to the balloon and launch it into the sky. You can make a great video! Young dads tie bouquets, posters with wishes, photos and deliver them to their beloved wives.

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