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Balloon Curling Ribbon

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Balloon Curling Ribbon - customise your party

It's hard to believe but such a simple party product as a curling ribbon can so amazingly complement any decor, changing it beyond recognition!

You can use ribbon to tie balloons, attach elements of large complex decorations to each other with it, decorate a room or outdoor space with it, and decorate your gifts. Moreover, using just this multi-colored stripe, you can create bright, instantly striking compositions, such as curtains or photo zone decor.

We've got a huge selection of branded curling ribbon for balloons by Anagram, Berwick, Forum Novelties, and others for you: order it in bulk or at retail at the most competitive price today and make your party decor really unique!

What Balloon Curling Ribbons do we have?

Our store is happy to offer you balloon decorative tape in all colors of the rainbow — Burgundy, Fuchsia, Pink, Orange, Vanilla, Black and White… Just browse our catalog and be sure to find the shade that perfectly matches the color scheme of your celebration and your inflatable decorations!

Here, you will also come across strips of different lengths and widths, shiny metallic or matt items, and a pre-cut bow to make your party preparations more convenient. For example, a metallic streamer playfully glitters in the sun, while a matt is perfect for creating delicate wedding decorations.

Such a tape can match the tone of your decor or vice versa, contrast with its color scheme. The item is widely used to decorate arches, columns, garlands, and various festive table centerpieces. The tie for balloons not only helps to prevent their deflation, but also helps to fasten various elements to different surfaces. Believe it or not, no decor looks complete without this colorful braid!

Our online store’s large selection of accessories will allow you to purchase everything you need to arrange not just one, but 10 parties quick and easy in one place, at Balloons Online!

How can I order these bright decorations?

High-quality, branded ribbon for balloons are reliable and irreplaceable companions of Mylar, Foil, and latex balls at any party!

We offer you the most impressive selection of these products: all items in our catalog are represented by proven brands trusted by the best designers in the world. What's more, all products are available wholesale, at the lowest cost!

Unwind a hank & enjoy the party!

Balloon curling ribbon will help to bring any balloon decoration idea to life. Also, it opens up endless possibilities for creating decor without inflatables: pick up some with greenery, flowers, pom poms, beads, colored paper, and other materials, and let your imagination run wild, creating dazzling customized décor that turns heads!